Tuesday , November 24 2020

Apple Watch's Falling Detection Feature Saved Life

Thanks to sensors that regularly monitor heart rate and health, Apple Watch has been able to provide timely medical intervention to its users and save lives. A similar incident occurred in Norway, but this time the "Fall Detection" function was added to the Apple Watch Series 4 guide.

Thanks to this feature, which can detect hard and sudden drops, the device and alarms. If the alarm is not off within one minute, contact the emergency department immediately.

This function saved the 67-year-old Norwegian from a deadly situation. Toralv Østvang, who was wounded and unconscious in his bathroom by the authorities, turned out to be alarmed after the fall and informed the emergency department.

Østvangü's daughter said in a statement that his father probably went out of the toilet at midnight when he went to faint and fell to the floor, he said.

After the fall, there were three breaks in Eastvans face. To say that his condition is really serious, said Østvann's daughter that he was rescued from the alarm by giving the alarm clock a much worse situation. He also added that they have not set alarms for such situations before.


The first time the Apple Watch detector has been restored is not Toralv Østvang, which is 67 years old. Earlier in Sweden, a 34-year-old man had fallen into the kitchen, then wounded and was rescued by his unit after he had been informed of the emergency room.

Apple Watch's "Fall Detection" feature is automatically enabled for users aged 65 and older. To enable this feature, you need to enter the Apple Watch application from iPhone and click on Emergency SOS and open the "drop detection" option.

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