Wednesday , April 21 2021

Attention to bruises formed under the eye

In the last minute, the bruises were observed under the eyes, detailing our development in the news sunday of November 18, 2018

Dr Eygi Ekiyor, who claimed that by removing bruises, lines and ringing around the eyes with the eye filler, it was ensured that the eye was rejuvenated.

According to the news at the site of Arhan Dr.Sevgi Ekiyor Array, they warned the bruises that were formed in detention.

Read the information about the source Read the bruises that were formed under the eye

Last minute health news and details:

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7 bottles of cysts were removed from the abdomen

Nafli Tok, who went to the doctor with pain, had learned that he thought his weight was actually a cyst and that he faced the risk of not having a child again if he had an open surgery.

Natural solutions for musty smell

Basics People with bad breath do not want to talk and laugh, said dentist Pertev Kökdemir, usu The solution is actually very simple. Go to your kitchen right now and solve your bad breath with one of these foods! Hemen 1 Natural solutions for musty smell.

Isi Treatment of all diseases will be possible "

He is a graduate from Bilkent University. Ali Ertürk presented his work called DISCO Transparency this month at the meeting "Neurologist Association" in San Diego, USA. "Nature magazine"

"Antibiotics are not antipyretic, analgesic"

ESOGÜ Faculty Member Dr. Elif Doyuk Kartal, "Antibiotics in the presence of a bacterial infection after proper diagnosis, if required by the doctor recommended drugs. Antibiotics antipyretic, pain relief is not". he said. 17

She was not employed to be overweight, she lost 59 pounds in 7 months.

Young women taking their mother to tube-tube surgery in Antalya, 59 kilograms in 7 months fell 55 kg fell. Can not find it because of its weight, the young girl can now do what she loves. THERE WAS 3 PERSONS FROM A FAMILY. Housewife 2 child mother 48 years old Ev

There are 7,000,000 with diabetes in Turkey

III. Click for more pictures of news. Yozgat City Hospital, "World Diabetes Day" activities in the framework of free blood glucose measurements, was made by informational brochures, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Dr.

Certificate of early childhood survivors from intensive care

-Rahmi Örs speech -Gülay Çelik's speech – Parents speaking -Presentation ceremony -Past cutting -General and detailed (KONYA) KONYA-Medova hospital After treatment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The 105-year-old gets health through the operation

20-year-old painter Yusuf Yildirim, a 105-year-old with permanent fainting and cardiac arrhythmias, has recovered from his successful operation in Elazığ. 1 / 4. The 105-year-old man recovered from his business. In Çemişgezek district of Tunceli

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