Monday , March 1 2021

Banvit – Anwil: 75-68

In the sixth week of the FIBA ​​Champions League Group A, in the Banvit field, Polish representative Anwil 75-68 was defeated.

To find a good start and fast-paced basketball with Morgan, Oliver and Rıdvan Öncel, Banvit was before 10-6. The guest team Anwil Sobin, Likhodei, Lacznski and Michalak four under the basket with a profit of the basket in 5 minutes reduced the difference to 3 points: 13-10

During the last two minutes of the quarter, Ercan Osmani and the new Moore transfer team found the first 5-point mark of 20-15.

In the beginning of the second period of the Polish team with the hard defense of Rıdvan Öncel and Ragıp Atar Banvit 14 minutes, 26-19 superior entry.

Anwil, who succeeded with Zyskowski and Likhodei in external shots, reduced the difference to the last five minutes in the first half: 26-25

Banvit's empty balls Zyskowski and Likhodei punished the duo Anwil, performed 29-30 in the 18th minute. The guest team, which produced numbers in fast attacks and did not give any numbers to the home team, entered the storage room 34-31 in the first half.

The Polish team, starting with Kostrzewski, Michalak and Sobin during the third period, entered 42-41 in the 25th minute.

Moore, Perez, Tolga reside in the gap between the number of orange trees, the number of points won in the 27 minute minute in favor of the score became 49-44. Bandırma team went into fourth with a 10-point lead 58-48.

During the first few minutes of the last period, Banvit produced figures with Moore. In the last five minutes, the Anwil team captured the 8-0 series and smoothed the score with Sobin, Michalak and Zyskowski: 62-62

Ismail Cem Ulusoy, Morgan and Banvit produce the number for the last two minutes to go back again: 70-66

17 seconds before the match ends with Perez's three games that guarantee the game Banvit, Hall Victory Left 75-68.

Banvit: 75 – Anwil: 68

Hall: Banvit Kara Ali Acar

Judge: Georgios Poursanidis (Greece), Nicolas Maestre (France), Steve Bittner (Germany)

Banvit: Perez 8, İsmail Cem Ulusoy 7, Oliver 8, Ercan Osmani 1, Tolga Geçim 8, Morgan 13, Ryan Öncel 8, Metehan Akyel, Thyh Hazer 1, Ragıp Atar 2, Moore 19

Head coach: Ahmet Gürgen

Anwil: Simon 2, Broussard, Markovic 1, Laczynski 2, Likhodei 12, Sobin 15, Zyskowski 15, Michalak 15, Kostrzewski 4, Szewczyk 2, Parzenski

Head coach: Igor Milicic

Period 1: 20-15

Period 2: 31-34

3. Period: 58-48

4. Period: 75-68

After match

Ahmet Gürgen: "At the end of the match we have taken anxiety and we are not lost in this mess."

FIBA Champions League Group A week 6 match against Poland representative Anwil team 75-68 defeat Banvit boss Steward Ahmet Gürgen, the new match was McKenzie Moore's first match and said only 2 training fields.

Gurgen, a press conference held after the match, said a very difficult match for the team. In the game they want to tell about the sets of the field tell about the horn bone, said:

"We could stay and stay there especially at the end of the match. We took advantage of our lack of rival team organization. We changed the defense and began to gain a continuous advantage against us. We made a move until the end of the match and they made a move and the game went in the middle Cem made a serious contribution as always, at the end of the match we took the trouble and did not get lost in this mess. Congratulations to my players. "

Igor Milicic: "We made many mistakes and tides were a race we had."

Igor Milicic, Head of Anwil, congratulated Banvit, saying: "We made many mistakes and we had the tide. Banvit did not finish the single player and participated in 6-7 different players." He said.

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