Saturday , October 23 2021

England, United States distributed! – Football and sports news


At the national level, England defeated the United States and Germany defeated Russia 3-0.

Britain hosts the United States in a special match at Wembley Stadium in the capital, London. England, Lingard, Alexander-Arnold and Wilson's goal to win the match won 3-0.

Wayne Rooney, who continued his career at the United States first football team (MLS) in DC United, was finally on the field on November 11, 2016 for his performance in England's national team.

Rooney, 33, entered the game 58 minutes into the game. He carried the national uniform for the 120th time. Rooney has the title of the best scorer in Britain's national team with 53 goals.

2018 The FIFA World Cup in Germany can not be expected to give the UEFA Nations federations in the same group with Turkey and Russia where the guests were.

Germany, Sane, Süle and Gnabry's goal from the field left 3-0 victory.

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