Monday , November 30 2020

Eyes on gas prices – News

In Turkey, when calculating fuel prices, looking at three basic data. The change in product prices in the Brent oil and Mediterranean markets (diesel and petrol), the dollar exchange rate Brent

The price of gasoline on the Mediterranean market rose last week to $ 586 to $ 613. This increase led to an increase in gasoline in the 13-15 cents a week range.

Petrol and diesel prices are scheduled for the second half of January, linking Tuesday to Tuesday. The trip is expected to be made today, a significant improvement last week. The increase in LPG demand was met by SCT. In other words, the "peer mobile Dier system was activated. An increase of 5 cents was not reflected in the price.


In the case of gasoline, the state will refrain from 11 cents from SCT revenues if the peer mobile inside system comes into play. In this case, pump prices remain constant. If it decides to withdraw, the price of the pump will increase by 13 cents with 2 cents VAT.

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