Tuesday , August 3 2021

Fighting cancer, protecting the brain – Latest news

Tahini, which has an important place in Turkish cuisine, protects health and fights against diseases thanks to its high nutritional value. This nutrient, which we do not lack from our table, which contains many vitamins, minerals and useful ingredients, strengthens the body. Tahini is rich in phosphorus and manganese and maintains bone health. Tahini, an antioxidant source, battles liver damage. Studies have also shown that the components found in the tahini reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, tahini protects the bacteria from inflammation and anti-inflammatory components and relieves pain.

Effective against dementia

According to the studies, sesame-rich antioxidants and especially Sesamin, are fighting some types of cancer. The components of the grain support the destruction of cells of the large intestine, lung, liver and breast cancer. It also slows tumor growth. Some studies have shown that tahini protects brain health and reduces the risk of developing neurological disorders such as dementia.

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