Monday , November 30 2020

He wrote it for 42 years! 100 thousand TL found

Mustafa Yildiz, who has run a tea shop for 29 years on the Samsun-Vezirköprü road, has begun to write his debt in a book since 1977. Stars, fuel on the road due to the end, the car deteriorated and for various reasons to those who want to lend to those who borrow money for people who helped. But much of the people who borrowed money did not pay the debt. As it turned out, a large number came out in 42 years. Last 2017 the lender to one of the stars, today's currency with nearly 100 thousand TL is close to the buyer, he said. Yıldız, who lent to humanitarianism, said he had left his debt for the next life.

"I can't kill you I don't suppose"

Stresses the end of mankind: "I run a teahouse here for 29 years. We are on the road. Broken car, the fuel comes here. Fuel for 3-5 days. Then you can't find the man. Then he goes away. He doesn't answer the phone "I can't do it again if I say I already have a kick. Now people are so simplistic. He constantly drinks tea, the guy collects money, doesn't give it. It shouldn't be. I take much more than I didn't write." "If you calculate the money of the day, I get 100,000 TL. But I don't give anyone. I wrote next that I'll take it. Man is finished. Then I give you the right to borrow from me. I hope I get my money." debt in the afterlife.

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