Friday , October 22 2021

How much does the dollar cost on the last day of the week?


USD / TRY diplomatic relations were positive in recent years between the US and Turkey with increasing optimism that people can spread long term has seen the lowest level in the last 10 days runs 5.3045 and the day was complete from 5.33366 2.7 decrease percentage compared to the previous close.

Analysts stated that industrial output data in the country and the US today will be announced in the euro area and the development of Brexit will be closely monitored.

Technical aspects of the dollar / TL 5.30 support for crimes of 5.10 levels comes up on the analyst's agenda, 5.50 s reinforced as resistance, he said.

Dollar / TL is currently trading at 5.37. Euro / TL is around 6.09.


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