Saturday , October 23 2021

Internet connection from all over the world to be provided with SpaceX | techno Today


Now we live in a world where almost everything is available. In addition, all of these materials are available. It is usually opened via the online system. However, in some cases, it is not possible to access the online system. It is to prevent this disadvantage and to ensure that everyone has access to the internet SpaceX coming in

FCC; SpaceX has approved more than 7000 satellite internet satellites. It is also said that the number is about 12,000 team stars. All rights were legally taken by SpaceX.

Here are all the details

SpaceX constellation is intended to work in relatively low lanes, which helps reduce the delay in signals. Recently approved 7,518 satellites; At altitudes between 335 and 346 kilometers there are 4,425 original satellites; will continue the work at a slightly higher level.

Normally, SpaceX aimed to activate the first star in lanes ranging from 1110 to 1325 kilometers. But last week the company; He made a revised plan with the FCC and requested more than 1500 satellites to fly at an altitude of 550 kilometers.

It is estimated that this will be a good revolution in terms of world history online history. Wherever you are in the world, access to Internet you become one. Elon Musk leads all these efforts. Do you think it would really be enough to create an online revolution?

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