Tuesday , January 26 2021

News: Just a few hours before the murder.

Aytekin Pasha, who runs the entertainment venue in Malkara, shot Serkan Kınalı with a shotgun and shot him in the head Thursday night. After the incident, the suspects were escaped and detained in his house by the Malkara police. Use of the right to whiteboard in Pasha's security, the prosecution after the case and the court did not testify to using the right to silence. Aytekin Pasha was arrested and imprisoned.


About 2.5 hours before the murder, Aytekin Pasha went on the streets with a shotgun and was seen by security cameras in the area. 18.14 Around the security cameras reflected in the suspect, citizens pass the murder used by the rifle. Pasha in that order, Serkan Kinali "yu looking, 20.45 at the time of Happy Street was found and killed.

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