Sunday , October 24 2021

November 18 gold prices: Are prices available in quarters and grams of gold prices?


Current gold prices are being investigated by the investor every day. Gold prices are high demand or purchases, while gold prices fall. So today, November 18, there are movements in gold prices? Here are current numbers …

For weeks, investors laughed face and prices went down. 24 K gold (Gr.) Retrieved from 210 pounds in the Grand Bazaar, in the Grand Bazaar from 210 pounds. Lira (Full) taken from the pound Ziynet thousand 371 pounds, 676 pounds taken from Half Trifant 686 pounds and 338 pounds Quarter Trappings sold for 343 pounds.


Quarterly gold is purchased from 331.19 TL on November 18 and is sold at 343.85 TL.

Gram gold is purchased from 209.55 TL and is offered for sale from 209.61 TL.

Republican gold, which is one of the gold preferred for investment, is taken from TL 1,391.00 and sold to TL 1,413.00.

Half gold is purchased from 670.28 TL and sold to 687.69 TL.
A golden-2-YLL


Shares traded on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) increased by an average of 0.84 percent, while gold fell 1.64 percent, down 2.54 percent and 2.03 percent euro. BIST 100 index, the highest 94,308.29 points a week, the lowest 91,297.67 points after seeing the week according to the previous week closed by 0.84 percent increase from 93,616.45 points. 24 cents gold bullets are traded in the Grand Bazaar sales price this week, with 1.64 percent decrease of 210.00 pounds, the sale price for gold was 1,404.00 pounds reduced by 1,614 percent. Last week the sales price for the quarter gold was 348.00 pounds 343.00 pounds. This week, the dollar fell by 2.54 percent to 5.33410 liras, the euro fell by 2.03 percent to 6.0930 pounds fell. This week, private pension funds increased by 0.64 percent and investment funds by 0.23 percent. According to the categories yatırım Money Market Funds is 0.47 percent of the highest value of funds.

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