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Trojan revenge in Çanakkale

The Revenge of the Canada Trojan

Today's 104th anniversary of Canakkale Victory I want to start with the role of Mustafa Kemal Pasha.

Mustafa Kemal rescued the Ottoman capital Istanbul, Sultan and Payitah four times during the Battle of Canakkale. The first rescue; It was an attack on the 57th and 27th Regiment of the enemy that came to Arıburnu on April 25, 1915. In this attack he gave the following command to the war history: I do not command you to attack but to die. Savaş As the Anafartalar group commander, the ANZAC Corps, led by the British Corps and British General General Birdwood, attacked on August 9, 1915. The third rescue; It is August 10, 1915. There are bayonet attacks on the advanced enemy of Conkbayırı. The famous Conkbayırı rescues Istanbul for the third time with its bayonet attack. Let's just stop here. On August 10, 1915, the attack began at 4.30, also took revenge by Troy. 34 years old, an attack that will make war history jealous 34

Closure of Canakkale

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Revenge? What could have been the war of 1915 3000 years ago?

Let me explain. In the Trojan War there was Akalis coming from the West; In Canakkale there are British and French people from the west and the sea. In Troy there was Agamemnon, commander of the Aka forces; There is a British General Hamilton, commander of the Mediterranean forces in Canakkale. Agamemnon was commander of Aka & # 39; s army in Troy; One of the warships in the British Navy in Çanakkale is also called Agamemnon. Atatürk had read Iliad Epic. Three thousand years after Troy, Mustafa Kemal stopped the entente forces attacking Canakkale in 1915. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who defeated the Greek army in the great offensive in Dumlupinar, said: "We took revenge of Troy Büyük. But in terms of war history takes Mustafa Kemal revenge of Troy on the battlefield of Canakkale and Conkbayir.

Which is the fourth rescue?

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On August 21, 1915, it was an offensive against the enemy in the second battle of Andrä. Thus, the occupying forces of Istanbul dream. The Battle of Canakkale also allows Mustafa Kemal Pasha to form the core of the national struggle and the War of Independence, which will be launched four years later. And Çanakkale is the square of Mustafa Kemal for the history and presence of the Turkish nation. Mustafa Kemala's birthplace is Çanakkale yeris Kemalyeri & # 39 ;. Kemalyeri is the name of Mustafa Kemalas observation in the head of the battle. The British General Hamilton, Commander-in-Chief of the Entity Forces wrote on August 10, 1915: The Tyrolans of Conkbayiri have a very good commander. We are fighting against the Turkish army who fought very well and bravely. Türk British General Mustafa Kemal is right. In his book Gallipoli wrote British author Alan Moorehead, savaş The presence of the young and genius Mustafa Kemal was one of the most painful strikes in the history of Allies. Head ANZAC Corps Commander General, Birdwood provides. Birdwood is promoted to the Marshal of England after the Dardanelle war. On November 21, 1938, Atatürk's funeral ceremony in Ankara attended uniform uniform at the same time as he was in his homeland.

How did the Turkish army write an epic after the Balkan defeat?

In almost all the orders he gave in Canakkale, Mustafa Kemal used the terms bulun, I would never accept that there would be those who do not want to die here, instead of seeing the repetition of the Balkan war burada. It even orders troops to lead to the disaster in the Balkans. He takes all necessary measures to avoid the young officers' shadows, the Balkans shame. He is the head of his soldier in attack and there are commanders ahead. The main reason why the Turkish soldiers are successful in the battle of Canakkale, as in the determination of the British official historians, is that they know that the country they defend is their homeland. The second reason that the Turkish soldier was successful was that the Turkish commanders were on the front line with the troops during the fighting, and they acted on the head of the units in the counter-attacks. The third reason is the spiritual force of the soldier. Another important reason is that the young officers who do not want to experience the shame of the Balkans are in the Canakkale front. The most important thing is this: a generation who did not know the other beloved than the nation, the nation and the nation carried out the war

Let's look at the other side; Why didn't the succession countries, especially in Britain on March 18, succeed in Marine Operations?

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Of course, the British and French do not expect such a mistake. On March 18, 1915, the Allied Navy lost nearly a third of its combat power. Three large battleships, two destroyers and seven minesweepers were lowered. They gave him 800 losses. The loss on the Turkish side is 26 martyrs and 53 wounded. A major defeat for England was this defeat. "In 1915, millions of people's lives were postponed and major attacks were made in Europe, but none of them showed such success as the Nusret's mines and the success of the enemy's future." The Nusret mine's ship, which Churchill calls its name, is really the hero on March 18th.

What made him a hero?

In the evening of 7th-8th. March 1915, at night on 7-8. In March 1915, in the direction of Erenköy Cove, where the ships were maneuvered, 26 mines completed the mine's medical process. The unbeaten British fleet over the last 200 years that hit these mines lost a third of their hardware on the first day. On March 18 victory was Turkish's first victory for a long time. Street signs in French, which have been in French for many years, were banned and suspended in foreign languages. Churchil's and British leaders' attempts to cross the Dardanelles with the fleet alone are a strategic mistake in war history. It is only possible to cross a sea protected by the same country. The fact that the Entente forces did not use the ground troops and underestimated the power of the Turks led them to a strategic failure. British history accepts this defeat as a black mark. They understand that they cannot pass the Navy and begin preparations for land operations.

Closure of Canakkale

The Turkish Commander's plan will maintain the blood of this Turkish military

You claim that the black battles that lasted 8.5 months could result in victory in less time and the loss could be less.

I, not the Germans and the participants in the war reports, say documents. Until March 26, 1915, on the front of Canakkale, the commanders commanded the Turkish commanders. The defense plan drawn up by the Turkish commanders was based on keeping the coasts strong. Thus, the enemy would be met at sea and prevented from going ashore. In other words, the main principle of the defense plan was not to land the enemy. Because getting the enemy to go ashore would increase the deaths, prolong the fight and cause risks. During the intense fires of the enemy and navy's long vessels, the risk of attacking the tired troops of the tired, energetic enemy of the Gallipoli Peninsula on the corrupt and rugged terrain was clear. In addition, the Turkish commanders who had defended the region against the attacks of the United Navy and since the victory of victory on March 18, 1915, since the beginning of February 1915, had the soldiers who had sufficient experience in the field and the enemy. The Army Commander does not even like to ask the Turkish commander's thoughts. Turkish commanders shout that Sander's plan will lead to disaster. Colonel Halil Sami Bey, 9th Division Commander, coordinates with Mustafa Kemal and writes on April 6, 1915 to the chief commander of the plan's misdemeanor. It doesn't answer. The 19th Division Commander Mustafa Kemal writes that on May 3, 1915, all the commands had to be changed directly to Enver Pasha on May 3, 1915, and that Sander's plan would lead to disaster. Enver Pasha doesn't answer. Colonel Kazim (Inanc), Sanders. Chief of Staff, wrote to Enver Pasha on May 4, 1915, that the plan was wrong. It doesn't answer. These tears of Turkish commanders are inaudible, and the German army chief's plan is full of errors implemented. In the implementation of the German defense plan, it is necessary to emphasize that the greatest responsibility lies with Enver Pasha, the Vice-President's Vice-President.

As a weak link to Çanakkale's resistanceThe German General Liman von Sanders is shown, will you attend?

In Germany, a division head and one of the oldest all nations. As head of the German delegation sent to Turkey formally Correctional General Lieutenant rank of the field marshal the piers after coming to Turkey it is given. In other words, it is not a general with a high success graph in Germany. On March 26, 1915, Sanders started the 5th Army Command in Gallipoli. His first job was to change the existing and implemented defense plan. On March 26, 1915, Sanders presented his views and suggestions to the commander on the establishment, speech and defense of the army. In addition, the telegraph text of Sanders on the day of his arrival on 26 March 1915 from Istanbul to Gallipoli is more than two A4 pages. But on March 26, 1915, it was the date when the army commander reached Gallipoli and not yet the defense zone. Liman Pasha head office is not yet established. The Army General, without seeing the Defense Region without examining the country, comparing the enemy and the friendly state, did not even take the Commanders' proposal that would perform the operation, he decided another defense plan than the evaluation of the Turkish commanders and the Commandant of the region . This situation is a clear sign that Liman Pasha has a different attitude to military principles. Liman von Sanders reports that on March 28, 1915, two days after he arrived in Gallipoli and established the headquarters, he would inspect the defense zone. But on March 31, 1915, he went to Maydos and then the defense zone. Five days ago, however, he had sent his defense proposal to the Secretary of the Command.

Closure of Canakkale

What was in the content of the defense offer?

In his offer, Army Commander Sanders conducted a form of defense that was the exact opposite of the defense plan drawn up by the Turkish commanders. Keep the coastline weak, keep the reserves behind and attack the enemy according to the coast. This defense system, contrary to the plan of the Turkish commanders, allowed the enemy to land ashore. Liman Pasha, Army Command after taking the assignment on March 26, 1915, captured the Germans managing the Canakkale Front. From May 1915, the number of German commanders increased. In the Seddülbahir region, two division officers, two group commissioners, are a corps officer; Commandant of five divisions and two corps in the Arıburnu and Anafartalar region; In the Saros region, the army commander becomes German. also; German officers are assigned missions.

Is the situation different when we look at the other fronts?

Yes it is. In 1915, two Germans, a Chief of Staff and a division commander at the Caucasian front, were under the canal valley front; There were three Germans in the Palestinian front, one in the army, one in the corps and one in the division of the division. When examining the intensity of the task, it is seen that the Germans pay particular attention to Çanakkale Front. It is also useful to say in terms of information. At that time, the head of the General Staff, Deputy General Director of the General Staff, was the critical branch of the Operations Department Director, Director of the Intelligence Department, Transport Department Director German. So it had full German influence. In his letter to Enver Pasha dated August 10, 1914, the German Director General General von Moltke said: "The Ottoman Allied duty is to connect as many Russian and British forces as possible. It is an indication that what you want and German interests come before Turkish interests. Germans, Canakkale in front of more than 500,000 enemy forces to join, and that power is kept away from the West Front, Turkey, thereby Germany to the West Front in a significant way in the archives that help them recognize such statements.

Although the measures have been taken to prevent the enemy from landing in critical areas and to prevent it from settling on the coast, Liman Pasha did not consider the director's chief executive.

On April 25, 1915, the business forces had the opportunity to go ashore. The German General's defense plan promised failure, not victory. Thanks to this failure, 500,000 British and French soldiers were associated with the Dardanelles Front. Uprising members of the country led to 260 days of international matches. The 260-day balance is heavy. The loss on the Turkish side is 213,882, of which 101,000 are martyrs. Not only the change of the defense plan, but also the way in which the German commanders acted in the fighting and the decisions they made caused a lot of loss. In this way, the Germans allow the British and the French to stay away from the west.

We have to ask here. If the Turkish commanders were to deal with the defense plan, would the result change?

I would say very pleasantly; If the Turkish Commanders' defense plan with the action had been done, the occupying forces could not land and the battle of such Turkish soldiers would not flow.

The diseases in Canakkale

When investigating war accidents, daily losses and accident reports, account is taken of the number of martyrs in Çanakkale, when those injured during the fight become ill and martyred at the hospitals to which they are referred are:

101.279: The number of Turkish martyrs

102.603: Damaged, lost, number of prisoners (10,000 prisoners);

Total loss of 213,882

The total loss of Entente forces is 252,000.

Closure of Canakkale

57. The regiment manager had this uniform on when the martyr fell. The bloody uniform is now in Istanbul Military Museum …


Can you tell me the secret of the 57th regiment?

On February 5, 1915, Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal moved with the 57th regiment to the battlefield from Gelibolu to Eceabat. Mustafa Kemal made regular exercises to strengthen his defensive positions and train the soldiers. The 57th Regiment was very well educated. Mustafa Kemalas 19th Division woke up early on April 25, 1915, to a drill. However, the enemy takes the news between Arıburnu and Kabatepe. If the enemy succeeded, the Gallipoli Peninsula was captured and the road to Istanbul was opened. Mustafa Kemal in the army's caution at this critical moment, despite all efforts, no orders come. The 57th Scepter drank his early rise soup. The mountain battery was also ready. Mustafa Kemal leads the troops in front of the enemy in the region. He sees a liberation from the 27th Regiment running back. He puts them on the ground by putting the bayonet. And the next regiment gives the following historical order. Için I do not attack you I order to die. Mustafa Kemal, the hero is 57. Alay in this offensive ¨ Everyone was thrown to the enemy to die and kill take off. With this attack, the 57th regiment prevented the enemy from moving ashore and saving the Ottoman capital Istanbul. The 57th Regiment shows heroism to the end of the war. The commander, who successfully fulfilled his duties, was his beloved lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Avni Bey. The enemy was defeated by the first battle in Anafartalar.

Closure of Canakkale

Hüseyin Avni Bey also has a tragic story, right??

It was Ramadan. Lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Avni Bey, 57th Regiment Commander, misses his wife, son, daughter in Istanbul. He wanted to leave Istanbul for a few days. Friday, August 13, 1915, hostile artillery continued as usual. A hostile howitzer bullet fell under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Hüseyin Avni Bey. There was dust in the smoke. Hüseyin Avni, the commander of the 57th regiment, became the martyr. Bayram got married. Mustafa Kemal, because of his mother wrote a letter to Bayram. It was in Çamlıtekke at the command station. He was very fond of Huseyin Avni. They were afraid to report the pain. Finally, Cevat Abbas went to Mustafa Kemale's workplace. Stuttered mode explained. Mustafa Kemala's eyes were full, tears crept on his cheeks. Hüseyin Avni Bey's discipline, patriotism, heroism in the regiment, the mind and the enemy challenged the mind's mind. The brilliant commander of the 57th regiment became the martyr. Hüseyin Avni had a son and a daughter. Her son was 10 years old. His name is Tekin. After the surname was issued, Atatürk gave the surname Arıburun to the sons Hüseyin Avni Bey. This surname is Avni Bey's right, therefore, his children. Tekin would be the Turkish air force manager of the future. General Tekin Arıburun. The Fed's manifestation, the son would again like the father again in 1993 on August 13, faithfulness. The 57th regiment fought in Galicia and Palestinian fronts after Canakkale.


* Çanakkale Operation is the first major border war in the Ottoman Empire that was shrunk after a period of prolonged military defeats, especially during the Balkan war, which had been deprived of significant morals and reputation during the period of collapse. Allied Forces, 75,000 with five divisions in operation

They began with the force, during the intense fighting they had to increase their strengths to 16 to approx. 489,000. The Turkish defense, on the other hand, increased 90,000 forces to 16 divisions, resulting in 22 battles and 300,000 people.

* At the end of the Gallipoli campaign, where the Entente states began with great hopes, they could only promote five miles in the Seddülbahir region for 260 days and only 1.5 kilometers in the Arıburnu region.

* Operation of Canakkale caused World War I to last for at least two years. Because Britain and France had half and a million earth and sea power in Çanakkale for about a year, the burden on Germany's west front was very bright and its resistance increased. Germany, the British and French forces with the Ottoman army at the Canakkale front reached their goal.

* The Bolshevik revolution broke out in Russia in October 1917, and Tsarist Russia was destroyed. In addition, Cardarian wars that Tsarist Russia wanted to perform for centuries would have dreamed of having the straits.

* Çanakkale Victory, National and the struggle and Republic are the preface. Mustafa Kemal is the core battle of the national battle in Canakkale. Canakkale is the battle of giants that Mustafa Kemal came to history and before the Turkish nation.

Closure of Canakkale


Anzac mothers who lost their children in battle admire Ataturk and send a letter to Big Ata on behalf of all mothers, thanksgiving, love.

In his speech on the anniversary of the Canakkale Naval Victory in 1934, Atatürk addressed the mothers of the ANZAK soldiers: "Send your sons to the war from the distant lands, tear your tears, your sons are in our hearts. They are at peace and they will sleep peacefully in peace. After giving their lives in this country, they became our sons. " These words from Atatürk are written on the Atatürk Monument in Hyde Park in central Sydney, Sydney. This letter from Atatürk was later answered by an ANZAK mother: di Let's call it ATA. "Ann The race of our sons who had been lost in the Gallipolis area, eased our words. Our tears are deep. As a master, he gave me good comfort. We have no doubt that our babies rest peacefully in their endless sleep. His Majesty is to accept, we will call them Ata. Because the words you said at the beginning of our descendants' graves, but as the words of a self-righteous, divine … Grand Ata who embraced our sons as a father thanks to gratitude , love and respect for all mothers … ız has a special and meaningful place.This makes Mustafa Kemal ust This is the presentation of Marshal Birdwood's funeral at Atatürk's funeral and the respect he has made for Atatürk m Atatürk, Alexander the Great , Caesar and Napoleon are masters of strategy and war that will make the commanders jealous War history registers in tarih Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon stands up, your elder comes Nap is meaningful and gives Atatürk his rich position in war history.


Australian war correspondent Charles Bean writes that on Sunday, August 8, British burned Turkish prisoners alive in the diary: August 8, Sunday. It has been 15 weeks since we landed. I have experienced one of the most wild things I have ever seen in my life. Directly across the lights, 100 Turks and two German prisoners were held near the detention facility and poured gasoline around him. In view of the great flames that came very close to the Turks, the poor prisoners came to the far end of the detention facility. But they did not survive the painful loss. & # 39; There were also British and Australians among those who saw this picture. Isn't it a reputable man who wants to destroy it? The same work was done yesterday, because davran As far as we knew, the Turks were exceptionally good at our fallen officers and officers.

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