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Galatasaray-Trabzonspor judge Umit Ozturk changed the agenda of football. Ümit Öztürk, who was in the FIFA list in 2019, took the red cards he did not show to Galatasaray and focus on his criticism.


Galataray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Başakşehir's championship match while the critical Besiktas derby before the match came Aytemiz Alanyaspor. Match 2-2 moves away from the defense so that the player comes from the defense and stands over the goalkeeper. Musler Alanyasporlu reduced the player to the ground. Judge Umit Ozturk had to give the penalty and show Muslera a red card. However, Lineman held the flag before the position continued before then. The fight continued offside decision 2-2 continued. Musler this decision a week after Besiktas derby played in the castle. Galatasaray won the fight with Sinan Gümüş and finished the season with the championship. Creating resentment was a shock after the video arose in Turkey. Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Besiktas fans rebelled after the battle on the pictures on White TV, while judges Fatih Terim let pictures be taken. Judge Umit Ozturk's family seems to be there. Umit Ozturk noted the camera is trying to leave the frame.

[Haber görseli]

The picture has been shown with tired of Ahmet Çakar

White Football, which was published in the White Football program on image commentator Ahmet Cakar, drew attention to the program's comments. Image, despite the hands of the White Sports team who did not announce a threat Ahmet Çakar "If the screen does not come off the screen, I release White TV," he said. Age, Denizli judges that brought the Umit Ozturk family to the critical Akhisarspor match, "Terim is known to the judge. Perhaps it affects the unconscious mind after the fight saying I'm going to take a picture with my family? Match assistant judges are also pictures taken. Turkey cannot accept this point of view, while during this period Yusuf Namoğlu indulges personal interest. I vouched for him. But in the so-called table as soon as possible to leave the task, "he said.


Ertem Sener after the display of MHK President Yusuf Namoglu also found a requirement. Sener sent a message to him about the judge Sener's positions, "Mr. Namoglu's message to me, that position, talk to this position you are saying to speak. But a program to escape when you say you have gone. as far as you did not ask difficult questions. Let us answer questions. " he said.

Published on & # 39; Galatasaray Fans & # 39; in the organization

Publisher Beinsport & # 39; e alansal Büyüka 1-1 after the match, Başakşehir-Galatasaray joined Umit Ozturk to say: "Umit Ozturk Galatasaray is a follower his father has gone from galatasaray High School. Basaksehir – Galatasaray has been wrong in controlling the fight. "


The decided decisions of Umit Ozturk are as follows:

18 minutes: Onyekuru goes back to Arda, but the goal was to make the goal. The referee showed the penalty kick. Arda got the yellow card. Ozturk's decision did not change the contact with VAR, and Diagne, who was the head of the ball, brought the score to 1-0. On the other hand, Onyekuru, who met with the ball in Belhanda's pasinda, was also on the ball as soon as the ball was out. Former judge and judge commentator Deniz Çoban, Onyekuru, to the penalty kick said: "The player hit the ball and celebrated. There is no chance of him catching the ball. The goalkeeper is out to close the distance, but the Galatasaray player is enough but enough for the error, it is not It was more accurate not to decide the penalty's decision. Why did not go to VAR? "

42 minutes: Nagatomo reacted Trabzonsporlu to the unfortunate decision in the double match with the player. Meanwhile, the Japanese football player told the judge "F * ck * ff" that this position was the subject of debate in social media. Sea Shepherd, Nagatomo to the post "2 days ago Fenerbahce player has been exported for such a violation. Two days later another player is not exported. This is clearly standard double. Maybe the judge may not have heard," said he.

45 + 2. Protocol: Trabzonsporlu yellow card with Rodallega Diagne was dropped by an intervention from the back. Former Judge and commentator Ahmet Cakar, for the position "Absolutely the second yellow card to be thrown", he commented.

54 minutes: Ekuban, Marcao was in the position where the front of Trabzonspor front was waiting immediately. Judge Ümit Öztürk applied to VAR and examined the position, but decided to continue. Following this decision by the judge Trabzonspor football players and the technical committee made intense objections. Deniz Çoban stated: "Marcao has a contact on Ekuban's foot when Trabzonspor is waiting for a penalty. When I say" not a punishment ", another person can say & # 39; Penalty & # 39; but the same judge must make standard decisions in same match. "I contacted the judge's foot, who looked enough for the penalty, here I would have decided to make a penalty decision."


Turkey Football Federation, in 2019 the judges will wear a cocoon FIFA published on December 28. Alps Ulusoy was removed from the FIFA list and Umit Ozturk was included. The management of Istiklal Mobilya Kayserispor-Fenerbahçe, which was ruled by Alper Ulusyoy after the list, was also criticized by yellow-lacivertliler.


In 2011, Yusuf Namoğlu came to MHK Presidency. That year was the Galatasaray champion. In 2014, Namoğlu MHK became chairman. Season Galatasaray ended as champion. At that time, Namoğlu left MHK president and back in the 2016-2017 season, he returned to MHK presidency. Besiktas was the champion of that season. In the 2017-2018 season, Galatasaray finished as a champion. Namoğlu # nun 4 at the beginning of the MHC championship in Galatasaray because of the championship from the beginning of this season, especially Besiktas and the Fenerbahce followers Namoğlu & # 39; la showed great reaction, and calls to step down Social media has often been the agenda.


After the Galatasaray-Fenerbahce derby, Namoğlu, "judge judges", said when the clubs rebelled. The association of clubs, Hüseyin Göçek and Halis Özkahya was asked to withdraw MHK's decision. The association of that time made it clear that there were always mistakes in our league because there were errors in the judges' work. Taken for reasons shown in this resolution, the first time on the board's duties and powers, you may think of a usual practice at the border. But in particular, it is clear to anyone that, despite much more exorbitant referees, the Football Association of Turkey against the club Anatolia did not reflect reflexes this time and make similar decisions. on the other hand, given the timing and application of this saving, it is not possible to believe that it is an innocent decision within the authority and to defend it because it is not possible under these circumstances. Sir. Ali Dürüst, the chief of the wing, decided to abandon this decision during the following 48 hours with the explanation that he was to make better for Galatasaray's gall for unknown reasons, and MHK's decision was randomly explained only after 24 hours after this return random. While it is an unacceptable situation, the public has perceived that "certain obligations have been given to some noble.

After Galatasaray-Trabzonspor matched again, Namoğlu managed to be on the agenda again. The hashtag # tiyatronunadınamoğl entered the agenda for Turkey.


According to the TFF records, Ümit Öztürk served as a judge for the Galatasaray games. Yellow-red won from the field of 7 of these matches. It took only one move.
Galatasaray Trabzonspor 3-1
Başakşehir-Galatasaray 1-1
İstiklal Furniture Kayserispor- Galatasaray 0-3
MKE Ankaragücü-Galatasaray 1-3
Aytemiz Alanyaspor-Galatasaray 2-3
Galatasaray -Atiker Konyaspor 4-1
Galatasaray Akhisarspor 4-2
Kastamonu 1966-Galatasaray 1-2

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