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What is the mess of this betrayal? – Orhan UĞUROĞLU

On November 10, founder of the Republic of Turkey on Friday preaching before and after the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's memory of religious What is this betrayal?

Dear readers of the Yenicag newspaper, according to a photo by the President for Religious Affairs, said Professor Dr. Dr. Ali Erbaş, President Recep Tayyip

Erdogan, "Sir" Kadir Mısıroğlu after Ataturk and the enemy's legs are broken "Past" Available in the visit.

This enemy carries a fez Mısıroğl Republic of Turkey to the war "I wish the Greeks would be victorious" Mehmet Akif Ersoy A heavy word to our poet Our poem Ataturk did not hide the enemy.

Religious leaders, who only wore their clothes and turban in official ceremonies, should live with their usual clothes on other days.

Let us evaluate with the following sentences of Erbaş's visit to the enemy of the Fesian Republic with its official ceremony and every 10 November in each official holiday and Friday hutbets on the holidays. :

False and untrue scholars who despise themselves to make religious instruments have always been infamous, shameful and always punished in history.

The rulers who acted in their own lusts and the traitors who were responsible for them always listened.

No one will give meaning to the liar of such a teacher's false teacher. Even those who are ignorant understand the character of man very well.

If you want to understand something against me, I personally say, I'm their enemy.

It's a step that they will take a negative direction, not just my personal belief, but my own purpose, this step is related to my nation's life.

What my friends and I agree with me have to do, and it is certainly what was disturbed by the person who made that name. Benim

I condemn the President for religious issues with all my anger and violence.


Journalist, author Metin Türkyılmaz, my brother, "In the economy, 7 of 13 double-digit growth in the Ataturk period" and on November 10, I would like to thank him for mentioning Ata in such a meaningful writing.

Let's quote from Türkyılmaz's article:

· "Ataturk Turkey's economy grew 7.4 percent a year on average,

· Between 1923 and 1938, national income reached 2.9 times in 15 years,

· Under the Government of Ataturk, founder of our Republic, the population increased from 12.5 million to 16.9 million,

· For 2017 prices, income per capita is $ 830 to $ 1,780,

· Million income from $ 10.35 billion to $ 30.1 billion

· 7 of 13 double-digit growth during the Republican period occurred during the Ataturk period

· 14.9 percent in 1924,

· 12.3 percent in 1925,

· 18.2% 1926,

· 11% in 1928,

· 21.6 percent in 1929,

· 15.8 percent in 1933,

· In 1936, 23.2 percent have grown to double-digit 7 times. "

My dear readers collapsed and the enemy of our country beautiful liberation war occupied by firing founded Turkey Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as you can see not only the military and administrative sense has created a miracle in the economic sphere.

Which country has achieved such a resurrection in the economy after losing all its economic power in the liberation war?

On November 9, I wrote that on November 9, 1.3 billion lira is shared by the Turkish language committee and Turkish historical society, but this figure will be clear by the end of the year.

The information note from İş Bank is as follows:

"The principles of the distribution of profits for our bank are governed by Article 58 of the Articles of Association. Furthermore, the profit distribution of banks is subject to permission from BRSA in accordance with legal and bank rules.

Within this framework, banks receive permission from BRSA for the distribution of distributable earnings that are completed at the end of the accounting period.

BRSA may allow the distribution of profits it deems appropriate by taking into account the results of the banks' balance sheets or it may decide not to allocate the profit. Looking at the past few years, Turkey's Bank of Iceland is approximately 20% of the dividend to shareholders as a limited amount of 25% of the annual profit.

We share this statement with you to inform the public correctly and wish you success in your work. "

Of course Turkey makes Business Bank work in accordance with the legislation established since which should only evidence of our ancestors and TCC TDK not pay dividends to other shareholders in accordance with applicable laws.

Let's wait for the 2018 payout announcement, let's find out the share of our Ata heritage from the Ataturk Cultural Language and History Higher Agency.

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