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Who is Azra Akın, how old is she, where does she come from? Azra Akin's life and career

The great thing about having success like Turkey and World Azra Akin was mother. Modeling, modeling, presenter, the beautiful artist appeared in various series as actress. Well, who is Azra Akın, how old is he, where does he come from? Azra Akin's life and career …


Azra Akin (December 8, 1981, Almelo), Turkish model, model and actress. Akin 2002 and then Turkey was chosen to win the Miss World 2002 Miss World title.
His father originally from the city of Ushakli Eskisehirspor & # 39; s did not play football. He graduated from Yildiz Technical University and is currently working as a translator, and his mother learns in the Dutch Emirdag Afyonkarahisar district Ayda Akin. In 1971 the family moved to the Netherlands. Akin has a sister, Doruk, two years younger than him.
Azra Akın studied ballet, painting and music in the Netherlands.

Elite Model Competition 1998 won the first stage in Turkey. Since 2002, organized by Star TV in Turkey has been the first beauty contest. As a result of this contest, she was qualified to attend Miss World. The contest, originally planned to be held in Nigeria, was taken to London when many women in the country were threatened to be boycotted by a number of countries to protest that Amina Lawal had children without marriage and consequently her death with punishment. Competition results in Miss World title 1932 after Keriman Halis person who has been the second time in Istanbul Turkey. This title had not gone to a country where the majority of the population had been Muslim since 1954, when Egyptian beauty was awarded to the world's beauty.

Modeling model, Azra Akın also works in commercials and TV shows.

In 2004 he recorded the TV series Rain Time, which featured Tamer Karadağli and played the character Sept. In 2009 he participated in Sadri Alışık Theater, directed by Kemal Başar and in the 72rd Ward. She has been a contestant at the Yok Such Dance competition organized by Acun Medya on Show TV. In 2011 she performed in the Aile Aile (Extended Family) TV series on Star TV. During 2012, M.U.C.K. and Elif Hoca, a music teacher. In 2014, he appeared as guest star on the Galip Derviş series, which was broadcast in Channel D. Finally, as a guest in 2014, she went to Hoşgeldin. She was starring in the Strawberry film, released in September 2014. In 2015, he joined Poyraz Karayel in the iyle Çiğdem series with İlker Kaleli and Burçin Terzioğlu.


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