Wednesday , January 27 2021

Wilma Elles is really rich in properties!

Channel D in Turkey for the first time on the screen called "It is a tolerable time" series by announcing German actress Wilma Elles, Real Estate Tycoon appeared in Turkey. The famous players making real estate investments in Turkey win, "I bought 16 apartments in Turkey and one in the store. My investments at least doubled in Turkey thankfully. That is, an apartment invested three years ago now has doubled the price

Worth the Turkish real estate sector worth 500 million pounds of support Germany, which ended yesterday in Dusseldorf My Home Turkey Real Estate and Investment Fair took place in well-known names.

"I always invest in real estate"

Participates in the exhibition of well-known names by the German player Wilma Elles, who has invested in Turkey with investment income and said at least doubled. In Turkey, 16 apartments and a store take to Demiroren News Agency (DHA) explaining Elles, "a Turks living in Germany both have to invest in the country to invest in a German another country living in Germany is always very enjoyable, because Turkey is a sunny and wonderful holiday country, who would not like to live there, I think it is great for retirement, I always invest in real estate because I work very hard as a player, so I invest in fixed property so I can not deal with other jobs, for example; I take direct rent. There is no problem after finding a permanent tenant. I had positive experiences.

"Thank God I made it more than doubled the investment in Turkey"

German actress Wilma Elles, "I had more than doubled the investment in Turkey thankfully. So the price of an apartment invested three years ago has now doubled, I said. I live in Turkey. My main center for my Turkey. Continuing to look like this, now I look at what he has. Construction quality is also very important. We have the largest construction companies here. There are very reliable companies. My house is a big project for Turkey, a great organization. already intense Zaten

500 million TL support for the Turkish real estate sector with the fair

The support from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Media Democrats and İSTexpo Trade Fair Cooperation, Lineadecor Strategic Partnership, the official transport sponsorship, opened the doors to visitors in Düsseldorf, Germany. Sales of £ 100 million were sold with £ million sales. (Photo)

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