Friday , December 4 2020

3 billion cubic feet of gas per day production of the Egyptian "dinner"

The Egyptian Minister of Oil and Minerals Tareq Al-Mulla stressed the importance of committing the plans and work programs and the specific timeframes to completing the rest of the project phases to develop the giant backwardness. The goal is to add approx. one billion cubic meters of gas per. Day to the current production of the field to reach maximum production rates of more than 3 billion. Cubic foot Gas daily in 2019.

This came during his presidency at the general meeting of PetroChrook to approve the planning budget for the new financial year 2019/2020.

Al-Mulla added that the achievement achieved during the past year in the development project at noon is a milestone in the history of the Egyptian gas industry and even the global record of what has witnessed the record of all compared to the discoveries of Similarly, large gas, noting that the production of a field appears from gas during the year. The past was very influential in reaching Egypt's self-sufficiency in gas and was the result of the announcement of Egypt's suspension of the import of liquid gas has achieved a foreign currency saving.

He explained that the gas field appeared after pumping it into the national natural gas network scattered across Egypt, now in every Egyptian home to reach the gas.


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