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62,121 megawatt power load peak time in Saudi Arabia


16 11 2018

Natural gas accounted for 35.7% of the most important types of fuel used to produce electricity and desalinated water in the realm, for example heavy fuel oil 21.9%, while peak load in the past year was 62,111 MW, of the total capacity available during that time is 80,471 MW.

According to data issued by the electricity and heat exchange authority, the power generation capacity of the entities licensed to generate electricity in the Kingdom over the past year was 88 686 MW, Saudi Electricity Company owns 66%, Saline Water Conversion Corporation owns 9% Number of Manufacturers.

Transmission of electricity

The Authority found that the National Electricity Transmission Company is responsible for the planning of the electricity transmission system in the UK and the responsibility for the establishment and operation. Responsibility covers all parts of the transportation system for all levels of high voltage from 110 KV and everywhere in all parts of the UK except Yanbu Industrial City. Electricity and water facilities in Jubail and Yanbu.

The power is transferred from the production facilities to the consumable areas with a 78.323 km long, circular, including high-voltage lines with a total length of 70,832 km and a total length of 7.491 kilometers.

distribution activity

The Authority explained that Saudi Electricity Company is currently exclusively engaged in the distribution of electrical services to consumers throughout the country, with the exception of the workspaces of the electricity and waterworks in Jubail and Yanbu. The distribution network consists of 301,669 km of circular networks and 314,510 kilometers of buried ground networks.

The electricity company and Maafate gave 298,439 GWh of electricity to consumers in the UK, an increase of about 0.6% compared with the previous year. The number of subscribers who received service from the two companies increased by 5.4% to reach 9.069 million subscribers.

Breakdown of electricity consumption rate 2017

Property 48.1%.

Commercial 16.2%.

Government 13.0%.

Industrial 18.4%.

Other 4.4%.

Distribution of production capacity relationships between producing units

Saudi electricity company 66%.

Saline Water Conversion Corporation 9%.

Hager Electricity Company 5%.

Jubail Water and Electricity Company 3%.

Other manufacturers 17%.

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