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7 Reasons Al Wasl meets Al-Wasl's last chance at Al Ahli

Al-Hawar magazine, quoting Eurosport, we publish 7 reasons why Al-Wasl will be the last chance Al-Ahly's goal is to reach Al-Ahly. 7 reasons why Al-Wasl will be the last chance Al-Ahly sends to our visitors.

Al-Ahwar newspaper Ahmed Shubair, member of the Football Association and former star of the Al-Ahly club, confirmed that the red club would dismiss French manager Patrice Cartieron if the UAE link in the Arab championship did not exceed the next match on Thursday in UAE. By the Arab Club Championship, despite the difficulty of the task after the end of the first team, the two teams draw two goals each and the need for the red team to win from home to ensure the qualification of the eight.

"Eurosport Arabia" The main reasons why Al Wasl meets the French coach's last chance, where he leads the second championship farewell this season after the Esperan defeat in the final part of the African Champions League final and the loss of the African title for the second consecutive year, the fans Will not need farewell to another tournament in a few days.

In the event of the loss of the French coach, the Ahli leadership will need to make adjustments and replace coaches to calm the angry masses revolution in the light of changes made by the club management recently after the loss of the African title, where the board chaired by Mahmoud Khatib sacrifice ball committee, Abdul Shafi Sports Director.

There have been some claims during the last period of termination of Cartieron from the post as coach after the loss of the African title but his meeting with Khatib resulted in him giving him a last chance in the coming period and in terms of eligibility for qualifying for the eighth of the Arab championship was the thought of the continuation of the French Khawaja At the head of the technical leadership it will be very difficult given the Council's full coup.


One of the reasons for Cartier's resignation in the case of Al Ahly's loss was Mohammed Yousif instead of general coach and actor for the ball, where he can lead the team temporarily until the search for a new boss, especially since he is very familiar with everything that is happening within Red team, In addition to his great experience as he led the team and crowned the African Champions League title with Ahli, which makes the survival of Cartier not guaranteed despite the pressure of the upcoming games in the league and the cup in Egypt.

The French coach faces the crises of some of the substitution players who have completely lost their accounts lately, leading to questions within the leadership of the Red Castle about the freezing of some players led by Ahmed Sheikh and Salah Mohsen who led Khatib to talk to Carteron about the participation of some players and giving them the opportunity, or let them go to another team in search of participation.

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Despite Ahl's boards throughout the story, after the exchange of technical bodies in the middle of the season, regardless of the outcome, there is a veil within the Red Council to overthrow the Technical Director, the dismissal Arab championship to absorb public anger, except that give the national team the whole The current season of achievement is expected to meet the expectations of the fans of the team Ahlawi.

Another reason for coach Farni is the government's fear that the negative results will continue before the Pyramids face the 16th Egypt Cup, making the team lose their third championship and make the season catastrophic to Red Fort. The results are being improved under the new coach to compete for league and cup competitions and save the season for the Ahli team and awaits strong support to include super players during the winter's transition period.

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