Monday , June 14 2021

Abu Dhabi police intervene in three Asian gangs for telephone fraud

Abu Dhabi police, in collaboration with Sharjah and Ajman police, have seized three gangs of 25 "Asian" people who use telephone fraud to inflict their victims and seize their savings and bank balance in false ways.

The Deputy Director of Criminal Security Sector of Abu Dhabi Police Brigadier General, Muslim Mohammed Al Ameri, said that the police are looking for anyone who self-inflicts damage to community security and the seizure of people's money by fraud and fraud, and will pursue these criminal gangs, wherever they are to receive the deterrent punishment they deserve under the law.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to Sharjah Police Headquarters and Ajman Police Headquarters for their efforts and cooperation with Abu Dhabi police, who contributed to the arrest of the three criminal gangs and stop their evils and harm them from the people.

Brigadier General Omran Ahmed Al Mazrouei, Director of Criminal Investigation Division at Abu Dhabi Police, warned community members not to fall victim to these criminal gangs by revealing their bank accounts and credit card numbers through their illusion that their accounts or bank cards were blocked or frozen to seize their money. Responses to this misleading communication and not disclosing bank accounts and personal data or sharing them with anyone should be kept confidential.

He said banks are not asking to update bank data over the phone, urging bank customers not to be fooled by these messages and fake messages and go to the bank's nearest branch and update the data only through the customer service staff at the bank's headquarters.

He said there have been several recent reports of victims stating that they have been subjected to fraud and telephone fraud, through their illusions of gang members that their bank accounts have been frozen or their bank cards blocked and they should update their data where they request information about these accounts and credit cards and utilize this information. By withdrawing their assets and stealing them.

He pointed out that the three gangs were arrested separately in collaboration with Sharjah and Ajman police, pointing out that the first and second gangs numbering 14 people were arrested in Emirate of Sharjah, while the third gang, composed of 11 people, arrested in Emirate of Ajman, their homes used its to carry out their criminal activities.

He pointed out that a number of cell phones and SIM cards were seized in possession of the three criminal gangs used to inflict victims through fraud and fraud.

He urged the public in the case of the monument to go to the nearest police station and also avoid responding to misleading calls and the speed of reporting all messages received by anonymous asking them to update their bank statements to communicate with Aman's service.



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