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Stars "Inspiring Team" (from source)

Stars "Inspiring Team" (from source)

Sharjah (Al Ittihad)

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) has revealed the names of the team that inspire the UAE experience. It is the first project of its kind in the field of television and film production in the Arab world, previously announced by Shams in collaboration with Arabform Lab.
The UAE Experience is a unique project where a team of professional filmmakers will inspire dreamers to enter the cinema world. Shams has announced the names of the "inspirational team" of this experience, which includes a number of creative Emirati talents in the cinema world. Egyptian director Nahla El Fahad, artist Habib Ghuloom, artist Abdullah Haidar, author Mohamed Hassan Ahmed, Egyptian composer Mostafa Halawani and director of Polish photography Michael Sousna. The project launches an Emirati movie, Dah in the UAE competes in writing the script and acting and directing, also competing in sound, photography, lighting, music composition and graphic design and decoration techniques.
For his part, Dr. Khalid Omar Al Madfa, president of Sharjah Media City Shams, that the UAE Experiment project includes a film festival in honor of the winners, in addition to specialized training events and workshops. This project is implemented in a number of countries in the world. Has won a number of international awards, including the International Emmy Award, and invites all interested and talented people to participate in this unique experience under the "Cinema Starts Here" theme.
Sham's President expressed his happiness with the inspiring team members who are prominent stars, actors and writers who have a long history in film and drama in especially the UAE and especially the Gulf in general, and stresses that this constellation will give the project new dimensions of success and shine.
"Shams aims to develop the film industry's infrastructure, develop the UAE and Arab youth cadre specialized in film and television production in all its specialties and stimulate long-term start-up and training. This reflects our strategic goals through our implementation of" Which will launch Sharjah Media City for the first time in the Arab world-class world-renowned cinema.
Kholoud Abu Homs, chair of Arb Format Lab, expressed pride in the names chosen for the inspiring team. She stressed that the UAE experience will strengthen the role of the joint initiative with Sharjah Media City to highlight the UAE and Arab youth's creativity and strengthen their role. In society.
The inspirational team is the key to the success of this project, which will include the release of the first Emirati Arab film by the public, the establishment of specialized cinema training workshops and an annual Arab event in honor of filmmakers.

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