Friday , November 27 2020

George Qardahi transcends other crime programs through "closed doors"

A new breakthrough in the world of "Crime" programs is announced by the great media player George Qardahi, the most famous programmer in the Arab world, "Who will win millions" through his "closed doors" program, the first of its nature in the Arab world. At the same time, the truth keeps a message to everyone in society.

"Closed Doors" deals with the discovery of the scenarios of crimes and the causes that led the perpetrators into this dark tunnel and chose to return to his followers on the screen ON E Following his contract with the Egyptian media network.

As usual, Qardahi beats his comrades on the quality of crime as he presented it differently from all crime programs. The Arabic version of the World Program is " the Doors"The film is staged under the leadership of Mohammed Salama, director of the series" Rahim "by Yasser Jalal, and used" Qardahi ", a number of young faces to legitimize the program include the drama of crimes.

On Saturday, the first episode of the "Closed Doors" program launched at. 11.00 on a channel ON E.And discussed one of the issues in public opinion in Egypt and talked about the killing of engineering students who were the victims of advertising sales programs on the Internet with the presentation of representative scenes of crime elements.

The technical engineer needed a laptop to help him study, but the price was very high. His mother sold her gold so her son could buy the laptop, but the criminals took him through a fake ad on the internet and killed him to grab his money.

The father of "Mohammed" victim said during the episode that the electronic marketing site dropped the slogan to take care of the seller after the accident of his son and added that his son was a calm person and does not save any effort to succeed in college. so much that he did not meet with his colleagues An hour a week because of his concentration in his study.

The father concluded: "God and the agent's grace killed. My son was killed when they responded to drugs."

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