Thursday , January 21 2021

Google Maps to test enhanced navigation "AR"

Google Maps tests navigation with enhanced reality

Last May, Google introduced a technology to its maps that would support navigation or enhanced AR navigation based solely on the phone camera while using GPS. Tested only by the application team, but is now available to a specific number of users for processing and launching to all users worldwide.

Generally, there will be a dedicated button to access maps in AR mode or simply by lifting the phone. The user is first asked to move the phone to recognize the surrounding parameters to compare with GPS location and compass data. And arrows point to where you want to be, so the traditional card remains at the bottom of the screen so the user can see where they are going.

This feature is exclusive to pedestrian guidance and the company has not received support while driving because it is unreasonable to keep the phone while driving, final and for safety. If this situation is used for a long time, the dimming screen will be prompted to turn off to maintain battery and data.

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