Monday , October 18 2021

He brought his iPhone "iPhone X" charger after the update to "iOS 12.1" .. It exploded!


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An iPhone X user did not know that the update he had made to his phone system would write down the end of his smart device after he had self-assurance with additional features in the phone system in the update, when the user had his device and delivered it to the charger, which comes probably suggesting that Apple, the manufacturer of the device facing a "real disaster" could get a "big blow" in front of its competitors.

According to Sky News, Rahal Mohammed, who lives in Washington, published pictures of his iPhone X after his explosion. He explained that the phone had gone too much and then exploded. Has been updated with the "iOS 12.1" system. The British newspaper revealed Mohammed's shock, which undermines a feature that Apple has long used against its major competitor, Samsung, after similar incidents with the Galaxy.

"I bought the phone in early January," he said, adding that he had filed a complaint with the US company. He usually worked, "he continued." After the phone's operating system, I connected it to the charger, before I notice a high temperature rise, the momentum is getting strong.

According to the daily record, echoes of the event Apple, who had promised to investigate the rare event, reached Mohammed to send her the phone for a closer examination and added that "the problem was not foreseen and had not happened before."

No such event has been reported on iPhone X since it was released last year, but several other phones, such as the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 Plus, have exploded at the same time, said Sky News. Earlier this year.

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