Wednesday , October 20 2021

Negative parents have not been genetically transmitted to children


A new medical study revealed that psychological anxiety can move from father to son in a hereditary manner, which means that human nature is not only created by the attitudes they encounter during their lives but can be an old legacy that they have no income.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Maryland and other medical institutions, that some of the vesicles related to the cell, known for its effects on brain currents, can make a change in sperm at the man and affect his children in the future.

To confirm this result, the researchers called a sample of the experimental mice. They were subjected to pressure and tension by placing them in outlet pipes. In a second step, sperm from male mice was taken and used for fertilization of honor.

The study found that mice born from "older parents" suffered these diseases in front of mice that were not concerned and their offspring were very healthy.

According to researcher Chris Morgan, there is a high probability of sperm capacity to bear the father's memory to the fetus and confirmed that this is not excluded, according to the site quoted "Scientific American".

Researchers focus on this study to better understand human behavior, as well as treat its disorders through careful diagnosis of causes.

"Sky News Arabia"

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