Monday , November 30 2020

Pre-disastrous collision. NASA is studying the & # 39; mysterious star & # 39;

The Milwaukee Trail is in a collision course with the Andromeda galaxies and the large Magellanic Cloud, the Metro newspaper reported.

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NASA will launch a study called "The Avenue" to track a "mysterious star" in the Magellanic galaxy.
Earlier this year, it was discovered that the "giant Magellanic Cloud" would collide with our solar system in a "catastrophic" way, leading to the "dark earth".
Experts are now planning to delve into the details of the Great Magellanic Cloud by examining and studying a mysterious star called 1987A, which crashed after a supernova explosion.
The newspaper said the expected collision will not take place after at least two billion years, and adding "NASA astronomers will use an infrared telescope to examine the dust cloud from the dead star after the explosion."

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