Wednesday , November 25 2020

Raja El-Jeddawi is proud of her choice as a model for Arab women

Raja Al-Jeddawi revealed her happiness at her recent honor in Madrid as part of the Spanish-Arab festival and its representation of Arab women.

She said in an exclusive statement to "the Arabs today": Of course, my happiness is not described, I was nominated as a model for Arab women in a festival that is very important and eager to be present and I was proud of this honor in a day honored by women.

On the other hand, Al-Jeddawi talked about the reasons for the interruption of the series "Ana Ayza Ward O Ibrahim" in which she participated. I continued to photograph my viewers at work and suddenly decided to stop shooting for productive reasons, even though I was very excited about the work because it is in a romantic social setting.

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The series "Ana Ayza Ward O Ibrahim" belongs to the long series of 45 episodes written by Medhat Justice and directed by Ahmed Hassan, and starred both Hanan Mutawa and Raja Jeddawi and Murad Makram and Wafa Amer.

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