Saturday , November 28 2020

Scientists are shocked by our distorted galaxy

Scientists have been shocked at their discovery that our galaxy is twisted and distorted. The long-standing assumption was that the liquid's galaxy around our world was relatively stable and flat, but for the first time astronomers could accurately map the galaxy to reveal that it was distorted and increasingly twisted as it approached the edges, it reported independently.

It was hard for scientists to see the shape of our galaxy at a time when they were able to map other galaxies in the long run and why our world is stuck in the middle of our galaxy and hard to see. Scientists look like taking milky way measurements to someone standing in the garden in his home and trying to figure out the shape of his country.

Scientists have now used 1339 stars to map out the true shape of our galaxy and find that the star disk is rotating upwards as it approaches the edge away from the flat shape observed by scientists in other galaxies.

Astronomers usually consider spiral galaxies as flat galaxies such as Andromeda, which can easily be seen with a telescope, Professor Richard De Grace, a member of the research team and astronomers at the University of Macquarie, Australia, were quoted according to The Independent.

If we look at our galaxy from the outside and from a distance, we will see a thin star disc revolving around a central area for a few hundred million years each time there are hundreds of billions of stars and a large amount of dark matter that all mix in a mixture.

But the farther away from the interior of the galaxy, the gravity of gravity falls. As a result, the hydrogen atoms forming the milk path gas disc become twisted in the shape of the outer disc and are no longer attached to each other at a light level.

Scientists have been wondering for decades that the withdrawal of hydrogen in our galaxy can be strange in shape, but the new study shows that the deformed disk contains young stars and confirms that the twisted spiral of the Winter Road comes from the torque or force of Wicks that occur when the massive inner disk rotates from the stars.

The leader of the research team Xiaodian Qin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing said it was difficult to determine the distance from the sun to parts of the extreme gas disk in the Milky Way without scientists having a clear idea of ​​the form of real dance.

Astronomers have previously observed similar galaxies in their fringes, though rare, but previously unknown that our galaxy belongs to this alien-shaped group of galaxies.

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