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Stories of famous artists ended in marriage .. impressed the water heart of this star


If the exposed parts of the artists' lives are large, the larger spaces are still unclear, and the stars choose their care.

Tamer Hosni:

Morocco's singer Basma Boussil, one of the fans of Egyptian star Tamer Hosni, and so many, tried to approach him but she won the heart.

When she met at my wedding in Morocco, she showed me a little notebook full of love and she thought I was her husband in the future. "Hosni told a television interviewer how he knew his wife.

2- Maysa Maghrabi:

The Moroccan singer Maysa Maghribi described the story of her acquaintance with her ex-husband Ahmed Badi, who had followed her some time before speaking to her and officially requesting a marriage.

In one of her press interviews, Maysa confirmed that her acquaintance with her husband happened after a mutual friend arranged an interview for them together, which ended with their marriage.

3 – Firas said:

The Syrian artist Firas Said revealed the "gathering" he met with his wife Yasmin Fahmy and pointed out that he met her in one of the meetings that preceded the film of one of the advertisements.

He added in one of his press interviews: "I was very impressed with her and offered to marry me and this marriage resulted in a boy and a girl, and I am now stable in Egypt thanks to my wife Yasmin."

4- Razan Maghrabi:

Lebanese artist Razan Moughrabi told her husband Naji Jubran in one of her press interviews: "It's a monthly costume and it's like a lot of things and I've shown some since I was in Cairo to film the propaganda campaign for Atalia's war."

She added: "I traveled after filming the campaign to Beirut and then returned to Cairo and there were meetings between us and developed for love and marriage."

5- Nour Al-Kadiki:

Libyan artist Noor Al-Kadiki, Miss Libya 2010, revealed the story of her acquaintance with her husband Hussein Al-Sayed, a businessman from Kuwaiti.

Nour published a photograph of her during her engagement 2015, along with a comment she identified Hussein as she was in Dubai for a vacation.

You can also read the news in the source of the Libyan channel 218

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