Saturday , May 15 2021

Surprise. Huawei's founder's family dislikes company names and uses this mobile

China's Huawei founder Ran Zengfai has revealed that his family uses Apple phones and products instead of using Huawei.

"Steve Jobs is a great person who changed the face of human society," he said in an interview with Canadian television networks CTV.

He said he hated the name he chose for his company, the memory did not know why he chose the name Huawei, which means "Chinese performance" but could not split that name, which is worth billions of dollars.

Zengvai, whose military past always follows him, revealed that his daughter, the company's chief financial officer Ming Wenchu, would terminate months before her detention crisis in Canada.

Zengfai sees only a good leader in her daughter, but she is not her heir to his position as she has no experience in managing a company that needs a 20-30 year vision.


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