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The Justice Minister participates in the proceedings at the Forum of Heads of Federal Courts – Latest Dubai


Abu Dhabi, November 18 (WAM) – Sultan bin Saeed Al Badi Al Dhahiri,
Justice Minister that there are outstanding achievements from the federal courts
In the framework of the implementation of the Ministry's strategy and improvement of the regulatory environment
And the judiciary, which improves the state's competitiveness at global level and continues
The enormous development that UAE witnessed at different levels contributes
Achieve justice and citizens' happiness.

This occurred during his presence in the forum of heads of federal courts
In the state, organized by the Ministry's Legal Inspection Department, in cooperation with
Department of Strategy and Future, for two days at the Ministry of Justice in Abu Dhabi,
And handed over ISO certificates of quality and excellence to four of the federal courts
Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain.

His Excellency Sultan Saeed Al Badi welcomed the meeting with the heads of federal courts
A prominent group of legal security in the state, emphasizing the importance of providing
The fastest and most effective legal services to facilitate members within the framework of
The development of the judiciary system and its excellence, and the use of smart applications to handle
Variables and achieve state leadership, based on taking into account the indicators
International competitiveness.

His Excellency Jassem Saif Bo Assebeh, Head of the Legal Inspection Department,
The opening session of the Forum was attended by the judges and the number
A senior member of the state judiciary and participants in the forum
To study a number of questions and topics related to the international framework of excellence
Courts, Federal Court Indicators and Results and Results of HE's Study
The Court's and their callers' work plans and activation of the work
Ministerial decision on the functions and controls of courts and police
According to the latest legal changes, the managers also discussed statistics
Courts and prosecutions in remote procedures.

"This annual forum will assess our business
Review all challenges and limitations and find effective solutions to achieve
The results are targeted, and we continue to strive to continue delivering the message
What is our duty to establish justice under the leadership's vision
Rational. "

WAM / Awad Al-Mukhtar / Reda Abdulnour

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