Friday , January 22 2021

United seeks to exploit the damage crisis at St Germain

After ten wins in 11 matches under new coach Uli Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United hopes to move their domestic rebellion to European football with the resumption of the Champions League.

But the team will have a date with a very difficult test when Paris St Germain meets Tuesday in the second round of prestigious European competition.

But observers believe that Manchester United's "renewed" chance will be great if they manage to take advantage of the French team's current absence as opposed to the draws that followed in the middle of December.

When the draw took place, Manchester United was at the height of their crisis under former Portuguese leader Jose Mourinho, where the difference between Manchester United and the English Premier League quarter-finals grew to 11 points.

There was also a big difference in performance between Manchester United and Paris St Germain.

But much has changed in the last two months when Manchester United has advanced to fourth in the English Premier League, improved their performance and wins 10 wins in 11 games under Solskjaer, who took over as Mourinho.

Saint Germain is also in the second leg, with two of their most prominent stars, Brazilian striker Neymar da Silva and Uruguayan Eddison Cavani.

Solskjaer took responsibility in late December, not only to improve the results, but also to reopen the team.

Solskjaer had on the championship dress in his time at Manchester United when he scored the winner in the Champions League final in 1999.

Now, the former Norwegian star wears the championship clothing on the coach seat, restores the amazing form and saves him from the downward spiral of Mourinho's tumultuous results in the early season.

Solskjaer said the team would not make any special tactics or specific game plans for the match with St. Germain who could play in more than one way and say the team would rely on their usual playing style and would try to create a constant threat to the St Germain team.

That's the only thing we can really control, "says Solskjaer, who speaks on the European Football Association's website (UEFA)." We must rediscover Manchester United's style and I don't think many teams can enjoy their game at Old Trafford when we are at our standard. "

The absence of Neymar and Cavani will surely be a big surprise to Manchester United, but the defense still needs to be careful with striker Kilian Mbabi, who led France to the World Cup in July.

"Mpabee is very fast, there is no fight for his pace … but we also have three good strikers, and Marcos Rushford, Anthony Marcial, Romilo Lucaco, Alexis Sanchez and Jesse Lengard can also threaten the defense of Saint-Germain."

Solskjaer is preparing to return striker Marcos Rushford and defends Victor Lindelov to the starting line-up for Manchester United in the next game after giving them a break in the last game that won Fulham 3-0 in the English Premier League.

Solskjaer was also keen to get French players Anthony Marcial and Paul Bogba out early in the Fulham fight to save their efforts for tomorrow's fight.

Spanish international goalkeeper David De Jaya is also expected to play an important role in clashes with St Germain.

De Chia has returned to good levels this season and believes that Manchester United has now reached a level that can overcome their opponent.

"We have the team that can win something … Paul Bojba is an important element for us," De Chiera said in a press release. "We can fight for the final, but first we must overthrow Paris Saint-Germain and see what happens next time." He said.

"In such matches, the small details make the difference, the game will be very straightforward, I hope these details are to our advantage."

De Chia said he was disappointed with the absence of Neymar, but said Manchester United could not be sure of the match.

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