Friday , December 4 2020

Apple News: What will appear on the presentation on March 25th

As expected, the date of the new presentation of Apple has been known this week. But not only these events have been rich for the last seven days: for example, information about the new iPad has leaked to the network, and AirPods has been recognized as hazardous to health! Let's go through the news.

First Apple sent invitations to journalists about their thematic presentations. She, as reported by industrial sources, will be held on March 25 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time at the Steve Jobs Theater. The upcoming event, held under the slogan "It & # 39; s Show Time", will be the first official event for the company to be held this year.

Clearly, this phrase in Cupertino decided to emphasize the television focus on their event, most of which will be devoted to the branded video service called Apple Video.

However, Apple Video will not be the only product Apple plans to introduce on March 25. Possibly, view the subscription service Apple News Magazines, iPad 7, iPad Mini 5, iPod Touch 7, AirPods 2 … stop-stop. Is it too bold for a service event?

Our advice to you is to stop guessing on the British accent of Johnny Quince – see better how will implement the text translation of the event at We start on March 25 at 20:00 in Moscow.

2nd Bluetooth wireless headphones can be hazardous to health. This statement was expressed by researcher Jerry Phillips. It is noteworthy that one of the most popular wireless headphones – AirPods – was of particular concern to the researcher. According to him, because the headphones are inserted directly into the ear canal, the soft tissue of the head can be exposed to a relatively high level of radio frequency radiation, which can adversely affect their well-being.

The researcher even made a special request and then sent a request to the World Health Organization. At the time of this writing, more than 250 researchers supported this initiative.

However, another part of the researchers did not agree with their colleagues. Yes, and we do. If you don't go into detail (the non-ionizing type of electromagnetic radiation is even hard to say), the only thing that AirPods is dangerous for – those who don't have them can break the heart.

Third Incidentally, this year, Apple will extend the reach of branded tablets even more than originally intended. In the near future, two full-size iPad models come with a screen diagonal of 10.2 and 10.5 inches entering the market. At the same time, only one of them will be presented at the presentation, which will be held on March 23 in the Steve Jobs Theater.

Apple's decision to release two almost uniform iPad models looks rather odd considering the potentially similar hardware filling. It will be interesting to see how exactly in Cupertino will justify the presence on the market for each of the new products.

They also say that they want to show the iPad mini 5. How it looks is unclear, so here are pictures of the front of the intended iPad mini 5. Do we think they just took the cover from the previous iPad mini?

4th And finally, here's a scandal for you – Spotify accuses Apple of monopoly. The Swedes' position is that the Cupertino company deliberately creates obstacles to Apple Music looking more attractive. First of all, this is due to a 30% commission charged by Apple.

To restore healthy competition, Spotify calls on the European Commission to oblige Apple to allow third-party streaming sites to conduct transactions outside of the App Store. There is nothing supernatural in this, as taxi orders such as Uber and Yandex.Taxi act in this way.

In our opinion, the demand for Spotify is absolutely unjustified, as it puts Apple in an extremely unfortunate position, risking a dangerous precedent. Spotify wants to retain all the privileges that the App Store provides in terms of access to a large audience of users and easy subscriptions, but at the same time it all wants to be free. Impudence is the second happiness!

From other news – Apple told how it protects Apple Maps users (spoiler is very good), Google Chrome for macOS received support for the night theme (is this really important, guys?) And Apple started reducing prices of iPhones in other regions . Will the trip come to Russia? Let's talk about a week! Discuss the news in the comments and in our telegram chat (There are many interesting things coming out). On the other hand, we still subscribe to our channel in Yandex. Dzen. There are exclusive materials that do not fall into place.

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