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"Bad Tony Bellew. Barbell is big and shiny."

31 year old Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik In the eighth round, 35-year-old British fighter Tony Bellew beat and retained the world champion's title for WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion.

Despite the knockout victory, the battle was very difficult for Usyk that the British media failed to mention, because they did not ignore the duel with the participation of their countrymen.

"Alexander Usik defeats Tony Belle in the eighth round with knockout!

When the end comes, it comes quickly – Usyk hits first right jab, then a very left hook, which sends Bellew straight out to the tablecloth. The referee starts the score, but Bellew does not come to his mind. Barbell is the undisputed heavyweight world champion!

Barbell fits fast and hugs Bellew shows athletes a lot of common respect. Bad Tony Belleu, whose score on the judges' notes was not worse than the mustache, is bloody and stunned. The public rewards him with ovations ", – writes about the last game Janitor.

"Tony Belle's dream of becoming the ultimate heavyweight world champion has not come true. Bellew was stopped by Alexander Usik in the eighth round.

Belleu wanted to finish his career positively with Duell at Manchester Arena, but the Ukrainians managed to knock him out and keep the titles. Bellew started the match well and led the referee shortly after the first rounds.

Unwise came to his mind for the fourth round, but Bellew struggled to lock on his opponent's level. Everything ended in the eighth round when Usyk released the blood from Bellew and then sent him into the ring with a powerful left hook. Belleu managed to get on his feet, but the referee ended up declaring Usik's victory a knockout, "reports a major Manchester edition. Manchester Evening News.

"It's a pity it did not make a fantastic end to Bellew, but he deserves great respect for everything he did during his career.

The fact that he could resist mustache says perfectly everything you need to know about him.

We also learned that Bellew led two of the three referees (67-67, 67-66, 68-65) before his knockout, "adds Manchester Evening News.

"Tony Belleu's last game ended in a brave defeat by Alexander Usik thanks to a fantastic knockout in the eighth round.

Tony Bellew was stopped in the eighth round of the powerful and undisputed world champion Alexander Usik, but Liverpool gave the coolest and most powerful fight in his career against the boxing champion from Ukraine.

Tony was tired after an excellent start, which lasted for the first three rounds, and Usik remembered his strong left hand on time and kept the world's heavyweight championship titles on WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, and The Ring magazine.

It is remarkable that, according to the judges' notes, Bellew was the leader of two of three judges. But his "modus operandi" (lat.) – about Ed.) Has always been to really fight, not to arrange boxing teams.

"You're the best fighter I've ever met in the ring, you're a good champion, you beat me right and square," Bellew said after the match. Cool at last ", – the authoritative British edition tells of a duel telegraph.

"Bellew career ended with a brutal knockout, Usyk retained titles.

Then Tony Belleus concludes an extraordinary career career in this way. Just as he promised all who would listen to him. With confidence that more brilliant than a glorious victory it will only be a crushing defeat. Bellew was too bold, Usick – too brutally brilliant.

This murderous entertaining kind confirmed what we all knew long ago: there are no fairy tales in boxing. This is sad but true.

In fact, Belleu was the only person who ever seriously believed that the great Alexander Usyk could be disturbed. Bellews great merit is that he did not show any reverence to the absolute king of heavy weight, lurks his rival forward and attacks him with thoughtful hooks with two hands. But that was not enough. The end came in the eighth round: one stroke from the left sent Belleux to the tablecloth.

In the eyes of his promoter and coach Bellew managed to lift himself from the floor of the ring before he cried in his corner. As expected from bookmakers and boxers, Bellew did not have enough arsenal to climb to the highest occupied by Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Leon Spinks, Gene Tanney, Jameson Braddock and Tyson Fury " The independent.

In general, the British press has a lot of respect for Bellew, and does not forget to praise Usyk, which is already called "big" and "brilliant".

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