Wednesday , October 20 2021

Company Ilona Mask stopped digging a tunnel near Los Angeles


Drilling Company Ilona Mask completed the tunnel under the town of Hawthorne in Los Angeles. About this American inventor and billionaire was reported on Twitter.

The tunnel machine has stopped sinking the last part of the tunnel.

"Boring Company just broke through to the other side!", Said Musk and attached a video tape showing the rotary rotor in the tunnel drill screen.

Remember the tunnel will be opened to the public on December 10th. First, the price will be free, but already on December 11, the price will rise to one dollar, while Musk noted separately that the price is not final, due to many factors and can be changed.

It is planned that the tunnel will be used for public transport (separate passenger capsules and dust trains Hyperloop) and for moving platforms with high speed cars under the control of a single automated system.

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