Friday , December 4 2020

"Every soul and body cell." Politeka

Russian singer Vlad Topalov showed a picture unusual for his Instagram, where his wife TV presenter Regina Todorenko and their son most often appear. The artist in honor of his mother's birthday published their common image.

Vlad Topalov wrote a touching congratulation to her mother and touched her subscribers, reports Clutch.

"Mother! In fact, this is the very first and most important word in every living creature's life! Mother! How much in this word. Many Total. Love! Tenderness! Laski! Concerns! Support! Heat! Compassion! No matter how many years we have, so it does not happen when we always go to mother "on the handles" in her arms, where it is hot, calm, comfortable and comfortable, where no one will hurt or reach you! Favorite mommy! You are my warmth, my very first love, my heart, my soul and my pride! Be sweet and happy! ", wrote the singer.

Vlad Topalov did not forget in her congratulations to mention his wife Regina Todorenko and noted that she is a very good mother and compares her with her mother-in-law.

"We, your children, are incredibly lucky with you. I like you no longer met! Is it also my wife is in love with our son like you! I look at them and see us from the side. completely different, I realize your feat, your love and sacrifice for the sake of the child! You always said that I would only understand when my people showed up! I understand now! We love you with all the cells in your body and soul as you gave us! We are your world and your life and you are ours! Thanks for such a life! Happy birthday! "The artist added.

Todorenko, Topalov

Fans of the singer in the comments joined the congratulations and noted that Vlad Topalov is like his mother.

Remember Todorenko and Topalov showed pictures in their pajamas.

As reported by Politeka, Todorenko had to apologize to his husband.

Politeka also wrote that Todorenko boasted crazy weight loss.

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