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In Antarctica, the chapel can move from UOC to CCA, as opposed to Tomo's text

The wave of transitions of religious communities from the UOC from the Moscow Patriarchate to the New Orthodox Church in Ukraine reached the Ukrainian Antarctic Station Akademik Vernadsky. In 2011, the chapel was erected. Vladimir, the world's southernmost religious building – which until then was officially occupied by the UOC of Moscow's patriarchy, writes BBC News Ukraine.

But the leadership of the National Antarctic Scientific Center turned to Epiphanius, the head of the National Control Center, to take custody of the Antarctic Chapel. They are already developing a system for arranging all of this procedurally. Not only the UOC-MP's protest, but also the position of the ecumenical patriarchy could become a barrier on this path. In fact, Tomos and the Charter in the Church have written that the CCA has only jurisdiction in Ukraine.

In 2011, the built religious building was consecrated by the Archbishop of Lviv and Galitsky in the UC of Moscow's Patriarchate Avgustin, who specifically went to the station under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych. He was involved in it all subsequent years. In 2011, the UOC-MP press release announced that the charitable Russian Orthodox and scientific foundations, as well as the director of the National Antarctic Scientific Center, provided money for the manufacture and supply of the chapel to the station. The capacity building involved the composition of the fifteenth Antarctic expedition, which was then at the station "Academic Vernadsky".

There is no permanent religious community at the station when the expedition members are in rotation. As the current head of the National Antarctic Scientific Center, Evgeny Dikiy, said one of the 2011 expedition members usually "learn a bit of a kind of headman". Services are held in this chapel on orthodox holidays. "The presence of such spiritual things must be mandatory even among scientists," said Anton Omelchenko, a participant in previous expeditions, in an interview with BBC News Ukraine. He claims that the chapel plays an important role in the expedition's life – they go there for holiday services.

Metropolitan Augustine, who inaugurated the chapel, did not go to the CCA and will not cross. Now he is Metropolis of Belotserkovsky and Boguslavsky. He said he not only consecrated the chapel at the station, but also blessed and accompanied each expedition except for the last few years. He condemns the actions of the Director of the Antarctic Scientific Center Mr. Dikiy.

"Normally and humanly, they should first meet with those who made the chapel. I was involved in it. We could invite to the office and say this is the case, Vladyka," complains Metropolitan Augustine. He says he blessed any expedition, asked someone to be older, and that was his spiritual care. In the last few years – just came off. Then he stopped coming, not to put the people involved in science in an awkward position.

According to him, a senior leader from the ministry himself said he would not come to the wires if Metropolitan Augustine were present.

"Someone did and built, and they know how to pick it up," says Metropolitan Augustine. He says he doesn't really understand how it is possible to transfer the chapel to the PCC and how this will manifest. "There is a notion of a society that is not there and there will be no penguin burials there," the big city jokes.

But Yevgeniy Dikiy suggests that the chapel can be inaugurated in a certain way. This procedure can take place during the next wintering period, which will soon rotate. "The next wintering is led by a famous Lviv citizen, a patriot in Ukraine, scientist Igor Dyky, who had two winter nights and a seasonal expedition," says the director of the Antarctic Center, stressing that he is just a name researcher.

Evgeny Dikiy does not know any details about how the chapel can be inaugurated or re-released, and what procedures should be – waiting for an explanation from the head of PCU Epiphanius. "We need to give step-by-step instructions so everything is correct," says Yevgeniy Dikiy.

Anton Omelchenko, a member of one of the previous expeditions, recalls that he never thought of the chapel belonging to any patriarchy, and they did not have discussions on this subject. "We are patriots in Ukraine, of course, I support the idea of ​​subordinating the chapel to the autocephalous Ukrainian church. I think many colleagues might think so," he added.

As reported by the "country", formerly in Zaporozhye unknown persons desecrated the UOC temple with Nazi symbols.

We wrote that UOC MP's priests were expelled from the Rovno Garrison military unit temple.

Earlier in Ukraine, the law on registration of religious organizations came into force.

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