Thursday , January 21 2021

Kyivstar cancels "Static IP address" | Mediasat


The subscriber service with a statistical IP address will be disabled in the second half of February. As the press service explains, Kyivstar is forced to resort to such actions as the service was initially not lifted. This writes HiTech.Expert.

It has been reported that this service was designed to provide a single, permanent IP address for mobile network users.

"A static address allows you to uniquely bind a user to network. This, in turn, allows you to organize a virtual secure channel, build a local network and solve many other information technology related tasks. Another benefit of static addresses is the availability of network services available outside the Internet, "the message says.

However, the "Static IP Address" service was not requested by Kyivstar clients. According to the company's calculations, it was connected by less than 200 subscribers.

Recently remember that Vodafone reported disabling MMS. The service ceased to work on February 1 of the current year because users were not interested in it.

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