Thursday , April 22 2021

Microsoft will transfer the trade with RuNet to the dollar

The Microsoft Store, where you can buy games and applications for both Windows and Xbox consoles, will now use dollar courses.

For all of this, Microsoft rejected rumors that the company would have left the country. Shut-off shutdown. It began on November 5, representatives of the company said.

As it turned out, rumors were exaggerated, but Russian Microsoft The store really changes the currency – over time, the goods start to appear in dollars.

Users in the Russian Federation can also visit our retailers to buy products. Microsoft for rubles.

It is noted that Microsoft was gathered to reorient sales after a technical and operational analysis to develop a business orientation. In the online store Microsoft Shop software and games for Windows and game consoles Xbox.

What kind of business practices and research results we are talking about did not indicate the company.

"We are connected with our users in the Russian Federation and will continue to work in the country," the press reported.

Most likely, soon, the purchase price for all software and video games to Xbox will be increased, resulting in all company products Microsoft far more expensive. Also i Microsoft Great it is impossible to buy the Windows 10 button "Add to cart" on the page with the offer to buy the system will not work.

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