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Reochovy Proof – To the initiative office Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk? visited by the police – Ukraine

The squat art gallery "Speech Proof", which is a citizens initiative activists "Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk?" Used as an office, came the police staff. Activists believe that the visit of law enforcement officials is linked to the arrest of ex-assistant people's deputy Nikolai Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky, imprisoned for SBU suspicions of organizing the murder of the adviser to the mayor of Kherson.

"We couple Pavlovsky's detention and police attack on squat, which was used as an organizational space for our initiative. We do not consider this to be a coincidence and consider it an attempt to put pressure on the initiative and consciously create difficulties in our work," said the statement Page. Facebook Initiative Posted on Monday, November 12th.

In turn, Natalya Sedletskaya, chief editor of the Schedule Investigation Journalism Project, said that artists and activists were facing the threat of eviction, and the police were called by people who also claimed this premise.

"Today, the artists beat the lights, and then new tenants appeared. They say they signed a new contract with the owner to rent the entire second floor, even if they did not show any documents. They wrote a statement to the police – they complained to artists which will not move out because the lease is still valid, "wrote the journalist on Facebook.

Sedletskaya explained that the building was withdrawn from municipal property when the mayor of Kiev was Leonid Chernovetsky.

"This house next to the Sofia Cathedral was removed for nothing from municipal property, at the time when Oles Dovgy was the secretary of the city council of Kyiv. Finally, he was in his own hands. For a couple of Roman Nasirov's father-in-law. Like a number of buildings in nearby. Reytarskaya Street, "said the chief editor of Schemes.

According to the journalist, local people, activists and artists have joined forces to prevent the construction of a UNESCO-protected area with office buildings. They also advocate the return of historic buildings to the ownership of territorial society and the creation of a museum district.

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Catherine Gandzyuk died on November 4th in Kiev hospital. Official cause of death: multiple organ failure and chemical burns of 39% of the body as a result of an attack using a chemical.

After the death of the Gandzyuk criminal case of the attempt to kill her retrained in the article "complete murder".

According to media and activists, assistant to people's deputies from "Block Petro Poroshenko" Nikolay Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky is a mediator between the artists and the customer of the assassination of activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk. It was he who transferred the money to the leader of the group of artists – Sergey Torbin. After the detention of a group of artists Pavlovsky was ready to abandon the murderer, but could negotiate with law enforcement.

November 10 employees SBU detained Pavlovsky, he was arrested a day later without the right to the deposit.

31 July Gandzyuk poured concentrated sulfuric acid near the entrance of her house in Kherson.

In August, the police detained five suspects. According to investigators, Vladimir Vasjanovich should have signaled that Gandzyuk had left the entrance. Nikita Grabchuk – pour acid on it, previously purchased by Viktor Gorbunov. The driver of the group was Vyacheslav Wisniewski. At Sergey Torbina as the organizer of the murder was indicated by the rest of the group. All suspects participated in ATO as part of volunteer units and Torbin 1997-2000 years He worked in Kherson police as an operative.

Read more about Catherine Gandzyuk's business in Kherson and the likely customers of her murder, read the article by Sergey Rakhmanin "bail"week's" mirror this week. Ukraine. "

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