Wednesday , October 20 2021

Researchers have explored a giant crater in Greenland


Researchers have explored a giant crater in Greenland The size of this crater is comparable to the size of an average city.

Experts from Copenhagen University, after another study of the Greenland area, systematized some knowledge of the huge crater, hidden under the glaciers. The object was opened three years ago by NASA equipment, in a new study, researchers relied on known data, reports with reference to Planet News.

As noted in the message, the crater's diameter is 31 km and its depth is about 330 meters. A body weighing more than 12 million tons can form such a pit.

The crater itself is relatively young: it probably seemed below Greenland's coverage with ice, that is, three million years ago, says Professor Kurt Kyar. According to another version, the crater was formed 12 thousand years ago.

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Further study of the deepening will make it possible to find out the meteorite features and its impact on the planet's climate. As is known, bodies with large mass cause "landing" different climate changes.

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