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Ronaldo celebrated the goal with the dyke ball – it seems he supported Paulo in the conflict with Allegri – did you see it? – Blogs

Something will be.

A week ago, the Paulo Dybala saw the match against Parma from the bench. When the Argentine realized there was no chance of coming out, he knocked out and went into the closet before the final whistle.

Allegri first asked that Dybala was just cold, but the media reported Argentine dissatisfaction. The coach had to explain everything. Paulo was really offended.

"He apologized, the correct course of a smart guy who got a lot of responsibility is the 10th number and captain's bracelet when Chiellini is not a part. It was inappropriate behavior he understood. Case closed".

At the press conference, the coach was asked if Ronaldo really was one of the reasons why Dybala is getting less playing time.

"his [Дибалы] position in the field has not changed– Allegri responded irritably. – Only the characteristics of those who play next have changed. Last year, Higuain and Mandzhukich were in this – Ronaldo and Mandzhukich. He has the same number of touches of the ball, the same options. I don't ask him to play an extreme defender. Sometimes you try to find something that doesn't exist.. Tomorrow you will play either Dybala or Bernardeschi. Paulo can become captain if he enters the field, but I still have to decide. "

Guess who went against Sassuolo? Federico Bernardeschi!

Dybala was sitting on the bench until the 83rd minute. But he was satisfied with Ronaldo – when Krish scored, he showed the famous Argentine mask. This is clearly a gesture of support – Ronaldo doesn't want Paulo to lose heart. But maybe the signal: Ronaldo would like to see Paulo on the pitch more often.

After the fight, Allegri praised Dibalu with caution: "He entered the game well".

But he was not reassured and talked about the importance of Mandzhukich (not Dybaly).

"Paulo has very different characteristics. He connects the lines, but if we release him and Ronaldo we lose the position in the penalty kick. You can play with Ronaldo and Dibaloy (instead of Mandzhukicha), but you will miss moments. Just look at the numbers: Ronaldo has been playing with Benzema for ten years, and it's not because they're crazy. Dibale needs Mandzhukich, Ronaldo needs Mandzhukich. It's just a matter of properties. "

But the main conclusion for Dybaly is the other – Krish is on his side.


February 10, 20.00, Città del Tricolore


0: 1 –
23 Khedira,

0: 2 –
70 Ronaldo,

0: 3 –
Jan. 86

Consigli, Lirola, Magnani, Peluso, Rozherio, Burabia (Magnanelli, 79), Sensi, Locatelli, Berardi, El Babacar (God, 59), Djuricic (Matri, 56).
Shenchensny, De Chillo, Rugani, Caceres, Alex Sandro, Bernardeschi (Dibala, 83), Khedira (Bentankur, 66), Pyanich, Matyuidi (Gian 85), Mandzhukic, Ronaldo

(6), Alex Sandro
(27) Magnani
(30), Burabia
(38), Lirola

Photo: M. Puglia; Rubin / LaPresse; Sabattini (3,4)

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