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The absurd press conference Yanukovych laughs social networks

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The press conference of the floating president laughs and angered the users of social networks

Viktor Yanukovych. Photo: screenshot

Viktor Yanukovych. Photo: screenshot.

Golden bread does not suffer: Yanukovych's troll social network




The press conference of the floating president laughs and angered the users of social networks

The first for a very long time evoked an extensive press conference by the ex-president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, an unequivocal response from users of social networks – no one took the convicted convicted of treacherous former head of state and his accusations against the current government seriously.

They were angry with the reasoning of a man who has lived outside Ukraine for five years, about life in the country and also made him laugh at the characteristics of EU action during the worthy revolution. about which Yanukovych said he was "thrown like a sucker".

Remember it during the press conference Viktor Yanukovych also told how he got a knee injury, because of which he needed an operation abroad. According to him, there happened on the tennis court.

"It poured rain in the morning, a window was open (in the indoor court) that won some water on the track and I hit seriously and fell right during the training "– said the former president of Ukraine.

In addition, Yanukovych said he was ready to make an offer to Russian President Vladimir Putin exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia according to the formula "all in all".

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