Tuesday , October 19 2021

The Chernihiv court itself corrected the Grymchak case and sent it to a prison center


On Saturday, August 17, the Chernihiv court on its own initiative corrected its errors in the documents prepared for the detention of Deputy Minister of Occupied Territories Yuri Grymchak. This was reported by the correspondent of "Land".

Today's meeting began two hours late.

The court corrected the wrong case number, the lawyer's name and initials, and the middle name of Grymchak (from the wrong Mikhailovich to the correct Nikolayevich).

The defendant's attorney stated that she would appeal. And he will also submit an application to a judge in the GDB and in the VKKS.

Grymchak spent that night in a temporary detention center, but today he will be transported to a prison center.

Today, prosecutors said during the detention, Grymchak had a bag of watermelon and cookies that he gave his son.

See today's verdict below:

Read more about how today's meeting was held in the online report "Countries" from Chernigov.

Yuri Grymchak during today's meeting. Photo: "Land"

Earlier, Strana reported that a court in Chernigov left Grymchak in custody for two months with a right to bail.

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