Saturday , December 5 2020

The German Cup Borussia brought the game with Werder to the penalty kick to lose it

The Olympic system has deprived the team of the right to make a mistake. Play carefully the Borussia, the Werder.

The fate of the battle in the main time decided two free kicks. If Rashits was replaced by Kruse, Royce scored himself at the end of the first half, with a direct blow.

In extra time, the Borussia took the lead and made a quick attack through the middle. The author of the goal was a football player from whom Bumblebee would get rid of in the summer: Pulisic. But Werder returned immediately thanks to the goal of the ageless Claudio Pizarro, who punished the hosts for their incredible faith in victory.

However, Borussia was not surprised and again broke into the lead. Her attack on the right flank was ashamed of the defenders' defenses and stopped panic in the penalty area with a precise blow of Hakimi.

True, the defender was not enough to win. At the last moment, Werder gave the corner and Harnik equaled with not the best game Elschlegel who played in the match instead of Bürki.

In a penalty shootout, Paco and Philip failed to make two strikes in a row for Borussia. Wistel and Weigl beat well, but it wasn't enough – Werder never missed and went into the next round of the Cup. Borussia continues to struggle for the title of champion.

Borussia D – Werder Bremen 3: 3 (Pen 2: 4)

Goal: Royce 45 + 1, Pulisic 105, Hakimi 113 – Rashitsa 5, Pizarro 108, Harnik 119

Duisburg – Paderborn 1: 3

Goal: Oliveira-Souza 47 – Tekletey 52, Proger 60, Antvi-Adyay 75

Heidenheim – Bayer 2: 1

Goal: Dovan 47, Cartoon 72 – Brandt 44

Peter Bosch decided to play the ground and the result was brought to the end of the first half: Bayer launched an attack on the left flank, and Brandt completed it with a precise strike.

The problem with the pharmacies, however, is that the game was too straightforward. Immediately after the break, players fired Bayer's defense twice in one attack: first with a split pass and then with a trick on the backswing, followed by a goal. Later Heidenheim became one of the leaders thanks to the overhang and the incomprehensible Hradecky game.

Bosh was fired from Dortmund, including due to uncovered defense. When he arrived at Bayer, he did not drink any conclusions from it. Bayer was vulnerable to the opposite pressure and counter-attack.

Hamburg – Nuremberg 1: 0

Goal: Ozkan 54

At the beginning of the second half of the Nürnberg penalty kick, there was a break and Ozkan scored a goal for Hamburg. The rival did not respond to this. Nothing means nothing at all. For the whole match, Nürnberg did not match a single shot on goal.

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