Sunday , May 16 2021

The government proposes that the exchange system be changed for large wages

The Ukrainian Council of Ministers proposes that the threshold for calculating the maximum individual social contribution from salaries from 15 to 25 minimum wages is proposed.

The government has approved the corresponding bill to be submitted to Parliament.

Now in Ukraine there is a limitation on the amount of deductions for ERU: for wages exceeding 15 minimum wages (today 55.8 thousand hryvnias), the payment of ERUs is calculated only from these 55.8 thousand hryvnias. That is, if a person receives a 100 thousand hryvnia salary, an ERU of 22% is taken only from 55.8 thousand hryvnia. The remaining 44.2 thousand are not taxed.

The government proposes to raise the limit value from 15 to 25 minimum wages (today 104.3 thousand hryvnia).

In addition, they proposed to introduce a regressive scope of the accrual of ERU: the higher the salary, the lower the share of ERU.

"The ERU rate for wages that exceeds the threshold of 104 thousand hryvnias will decrease up to 5% (from 22%). For an amount exceeding 270 minimum wages, it is also suggested that labor laws determine salary differences in companies," Andrei says. Reva, Social Policy Minister.

According to his estimates, the budget will receive an additional 10 billion hryvnia from the introduction of such changes in legislation.

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