Saturday , January 16 2021

There was a video of the missing captain "North", but the border guards in Ukraine do not believe in him

The captain of the Crimea says "North" Vladimir Gorbenko claims he entered the Crimea through the Ukrainian control point with a Russian passport. He told this to Russia 24.

"I decided for myself, but what if I take without informing anyone I will try to go. I went on the road with transfers slowly. And then I came to the Chaplink checkpoint (control point at the administrative border between Kherson region and Crimea – About Ed.). He came there, presented his Russian passport, "Gorbenko said. He summed up that" it actually turned out well. "

The Russian TV channel claims that the interview with the captain "North" was already recorded on the peninsula. He claims he had no legal restrictions on entering the Crimea.


In the Crimean Prosecutor, Ukrainian Pravda has not commented on whether Gorbenko was really forbidden to enter the peninsula.

At the same time, the press service assured the State Border Service secretary, Oleg Slobodyan, that the captain "North" is unlikely to tell the truth. "Under no circumstances is it possible when he was in proper control and information that he could not cross the border was contained in our databases," Slobodyan explained.

Border guards claim that Gorbenko could not cross the admin border either in Ukrainian or on the Russian passport. In addition, Slobodyan noted that a citizen of the Russian Federation, like any foreigner, can only enter the Crimea with a special one-off certificate issued by the Migration Service.

"The lack of permission and the information the person is investigating – these two factors allow us to claim that he (Gorbenko – About Ed.) he cheats, he could not cross the administrative boundary on Chaplinka CVNC, said the border guards spokesman. In addition, Ukrainian border guards and law enforcement agencies do not take into account any documents issued by Russia in the Crimea.

Previously, "Land" reported that the captain of the Russian seiner "Nord" Gorbenko, who was wanted by the police, was found at home in the Crimea.

We also wrote that Ukraine could not sell the Russian vessel "North" for the third time.

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