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Zinchenko in Swansea – Man City: Right in the British media and fans, Guardiola frightened because of a bullying, averted a competitor

Alexander Zinchenko continues to collect good reviews about his game. This time, the 22-year-old Ukrainian success took the field in the England Cup match against Swansea, gaining high marks in just over half an hour on the pitch.

In the match Swansea – Manchester City, Zinchenko only came out after the break, but he could get the highest score in the defensive line. Alexander played at 6.9 from Whoscored. Only four attacking players from the Guardiola team who did not, without the help of the judge, issue a scandalous comeback, deserved a better mark. The Ukrainian national team partner managed to give away 29 aids, one of which was the key, with 6th accuracy in the team (86.2%). But by far passing and crossing this time did not go: a failed attempt. But Zinchenko twice removed the situation in the defense, won an air duel and both martial arts in the choice of ball that had to join.

Swansea – Manchester City – 2: 3 – Goal video and match report

During the game, aggressive young fans ran out on the track several times (two were not over 16 years old). In one of these cases, a Swansea fan attacked almost Zinchenko before being caught by a steward. After the tab hit the star Aston Villa right on the track, in England, all similar cases are seen with great excitement. "One day something can happen that we would like to avoid. It is good that everything is now done without bad consequences," said city trainer Josep Guardiola, who commented on the incident.

The Wales police noted that running out of line is similar to a crime, so they will be punished for such serious difficulty actions to eradicate the threatening phenomenon of British football pitches.

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"Give up Chilwell. Expand Zinchenko. We found our guy." Fans of Manchester City continue to praise Sasha, especially because of the fact that his rival himself brought a punishment. They changed places. Now the Ukrainian is playing important matches in the Premier League and the Champions League, and in cup matches he is resting. But this time Guardiola had to release Zinchenko to replace, to add reliability to the left. And he succeeded.

"Usi matyu come into Alex, dyakuyu yomu": Zіnchenko gets superior to Gvardioli I can save Man Sіtі 50 milyonС-v – BUT

Just look at Alexander's martial arts statistics for the last 10 games: it doesn't matter, this is the championship or the FA Cup, the Champions League match – he has 89% success in choosing the ball without power.

But how did he appreciate the competition with Delf after the match Manchester Evening News, who believes that Zinchenko along with Sterling and Aguero turned the game around: "Fabian didn't use his chance. with Burton, before it was a defeat by Lester, when Delf received a red card.

Yes, he has also had problems with injuries since then, but Guardiola does not like players removed due to ruthless acts. His red in a match with Wigan last season had a serious price. And then there is this clumsy tackle, which led to a penalty in favor of Swansea. Not surprisingly, the first one to be replaced was Delf. It doesn't surprise Zinchenko's exit, which helped change the game. "If the rival Alexander was judged at 2 terrible points (" wrong defense and did not add anything to the attack "), the Ukraine got a high 7 to" improve the left flank. "

Another portal Squawka appreciated the ruthlessly played Fabian. "Delph must remain in the closet. City did not miss his 50-million defender Mendy, who was injured most last season. Delf had replaced him with a big one, but that was not the case. Fabian was just awful at Swansea Field. central defenders gave more attacks, and this punishment on his conscience …

When Guardiola dropped Zinchenko instead of Delphi, even though the score was 0: 2, it was the absolute significance. And more than that … it worked! "ESPN rated Alexander at 7 points and this is the third best score in the Guardiola team:" He immediately strengthened the left wing of the defense after entering the court. "

Zina participated to some extent in the decisive scoring attack, which infamous a defender. City fans celebrated this movement of Ukrainian.

"Even Mendy will have a hard time winning the competition when he comes back. Currently, Zinchenko is our number one choice. So glad he decided to stay and fight for a place in the line-up."

Enough and just memes on the winning competition for a place for the left defender.

Another resource of city fans gave the third highest mark to the Ukrainian national team partner – 8. "After his release, the left wing became stronger in defense and more dangerous in the attack. This is a clear sign of how far Zinchenko has been in the last 12 months "It seems he has completely changed his position with Delfus in the composition."

Note that this was Manchester City's first strong will victory in several seasons. Under the guidance of Guardiola, before the fight against Swansea Zinchenko and Co. never won back 2 goals. "Tradesmen" scored the most (19 goals) in the FA Cup 2018/19 among all participants and retains the chances for four-folds – 4 trophies in one season. Among the competitors in the fight for the second title in the domestic arena are no giants: Wolverhampton, Watford, Brighton and Millwall.

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