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& # 39; Dangerous & # 39; man jailed for spying on young women having sex and wandering around home in underwear


A "sexual predator" who has admitted swapping young women in Hull has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison.

Pawel Relowicz, 25, admitted he spied on young women while walking into their home in lingerie or having sex, broke into homes to steal intimate items and leave unpackaged condoms and rejoice in public.

He was due on August 12 to stand trial at Sheffield Crown Court charged with 13 offenses, but instead admitted four counts of voyeurism, three of burglary and two of furious public decency.

The other four offenses remained on the case.

After passing the verdict, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC described him as a "very dangerous individual" and said to him, "Between June 2017 and January 2019, you indulged in a criminal campaign.

“I'm sure every one of your crimes, including burglary, were driven by your perverse sexual aberration.

"I cannot ignore the fact that you are clearly a sexual predator."

Sir. Relowicz also received unlimited sexual injury prevention.

The defendant, wearing a gray sweatshirt, appeared to be on the verge of tears when he was told how long his prison term was Friday.

Among his offenses was an occasion in which he watched through an open window as a woman and her boyfriend engaged in an "intimate" act.

The victim described feeling "violated" by the incident and said her friend later found a condom and women's underwear on the door handle of her home.

She said, "It's something I still think about today, and it weighs heavily on my mind."

On another occasion, he looked through the ill-fitting blinds of a woman's home to see when she was changed after a shower.

He also spied on another woman as she undressed from her sports bra and pajama bottoms, and looked at another woman as she danced around the living room in leggings and a bra.

The same woman also reported that she saw Relowicz's hands come through her mailbox less than a month later.

Among the burglary offenses was an incident in December 2017 in which he stole three vibrators from a property in Hull.

A Pawel police officer Relowicz s home on Raglan Street in Hull in February 2019 (PA Images)

Actor Richard Woolfall said it was "worth noting" that he stole the vibrators, but not a high-value laptop in sight.

Sir. Relowicz also admitted he stole £ 148 in cash from a mother of two, leaving an unpacked condom and a pair of knickers, presumably removed from a laundry basket, at a child's toy.

The prosecutor said things had been left in the home by the defendant as a "calling card".

DNA evidence left at the scenes of his crimes led to identification and prosecution.

On two occasions in January, women saw him masturbate on the street, with one saying he was staring directly at her as he performed the action.

After the sentencing, Catherine Ainsworth of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "The sentence sentenced today is a measure of the seriousness of his offender, and I hope the young women he targeted take some comfort from that knowledge, that he is now behind bars. "

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Dale Brook, who defended Mr Relowicz, said that as a Polish citizen who has lived in the United Kingdom for seven years, Mr. Relowicz plans to return to Poland as soon as he can.

He added that a prison sentence would be "made worse" by the fact that Mr Relowicz has two young children aged nine months and three years.

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