Tuesday , November 24 2020

Batley explosion: Major event after gas blast in flat leaving several injured

A tallest explosion in the center of a city in West Yorkshire tonight has damaged a number of people.

It is understood that explosions were heard in the Hick Lane area of ​​Batley between. 18.30 and 19.00 today.

Windows can be seen smashed into the area, and the West Yorkshire Police say emergency services treat at least three people.

The severity of their wounds is not known.

Local resident Zoe Palmer said: "I was sitting on the couch and my partner had just gone to Tesco and there was a great omnipotent explosion and the kitchen wall came through and the windows and a little blocks pulled me through the window to get me out . I am shaken ".

Someone who lives nearby said it was "the highest bang they ever heard".

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The scene in the West Yorkshire town of Batley tonight

At least three people have been injured

Darren Walton, whose house overlooks the scene, said he heard a loud blow, so a blue flash and his house shook.

Mandy Blakeley, who lives in the same house, said his couch "jumped out of the floor".

Fire crews, ambulances, police and police helicopters are all involved in the ongoing operation.

An ambulance has been seen leaving the stage.

Local Mohammed Abbas said he was in a nearby mosque and heard a loud bang that he "knew it should be like

Fire crews, police and ambulances are all in the Hick Lane area

The smoke can be seen from all over the city
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Police officers on site have told an examiner Live reporter that "it was a gas explosion in a condo and at least 3 people have been injured and are on their way to the hospital".

A Twitter user wrote, "Chaos over Batley. Roads are clogged. Heard the explosion very close to it." Pretty scary! "

There is currently a police force in place.

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